Thursday, 5 July 2012

A Classic Card

Hello All

Today I thought I would share with you one of my more classic card designs.  Following the pattern of main feature, ribbon and space I created this within minutes of receiving some new stamps from Lavinia Stamps.  I love the silhouette style of the stamps. They lend themselves perfectly to being stamped over a 'full moon' background.

So, first things first, I masked the moon.  Using a round sticker (I have plain office type ones but really any circle shaped sticker would do) I first made the sticker less tacky by sticking it to my t-shirt.  It means that the sticker is more likely to come off without dragging any of the paper with it.  The sticker will be rubbed over so it does need to be very low-tack.  Of course you could cut one, but it is vital that the edge is crisp and that the circle is perfectly shaped for this to work well.

Stick the circle on the piece of card - final positioning can be done later when the card is trimmed. I used a shimmer card in a creamy colour.

Using a Tim Holtz ink pad and applicator I inked over the moon paying attention not to make the colour too intense.  The subtle fading in parts make the sky look more believable - even in the strangest of colours.
Carefully remove the sticker.  If the sticker sticks then you haven't wasted much time or product but you have learnt a valuable lesson which hopefully you can resolve on your next attempt.  Maybe less pressure when rubbing or more de-tacking?

Using the stamps I then inked them using the same Tim Holtz ink and placed the images carefully making sure part of the image went over the moon. Avoid placing the image bang in the middle of the moon.  Stamp another 2 images in the same way, placing one away from the moon completely and the other going over the moon if there is space.  Clear stamps on acrylic blocks are perfect for this type of careful positioning.

Once I was happy with the design I trimmed the image down to about the size of a playing card or ATC.  Using the same ink pad again I aged the edges of the trimmed card  staying well away from the moon and centre.

Adding mini-brads at the corners before mounting on a piece of backing card means the backs of the brads are hidden and will not catch your finger when opening the card.

I love square cards at the moment.  I buy plain ones and cover them with interesting papers. Using a couple of pieces of backing paper in a pleasant off-centre way and then covering the join with a ribbon adds interest. Or simply use one piece and add a strip of toning card.

Looking forward to sharing more crafty things tomorrow - bye bye for now.

Kim x

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