Monday 4 November 2013

Fabulous NEW Stamps - Cheering me up a bit!

Been a bit off colour these last few days. Sitting looking at my craft desk and not much happening in the way of inspiration. Kept fiddling with things, trying to tidy up, having a tinker with Twinchies, but nothing 'HUGE' was happening in my head.

Then I remembered I had some new stamps arrive the other week from London. London ONTARIO that is. I had opened the packet, given them a quick trial stamp and them promptly lost my mojo!!!

With a big NEED to do something crafty running around in my head I cleared the decks, placed the stamps, black ink and white paper firmly in front of me and told myself I WAS going to make something!!

First I just stamped the images using black ink on white card. When I saw all these black on white images I felt the urge to do some 'colouring in'. Always good for the soul, who doesn't feel calmer, happier, and comforted when they do some colouring in? I used H2Os - Wine & Roses and Ginger Peach for the leaves which led on to the creation of the background which was those 2 colours plus Sunflower and Hot Cinnamon. I used the droplets stamp to a little more interest to the background stamping in a red ink.

Having coloured all the leaves in I decided to cut them out and it was during this process that I decided to make a flower out of them. It has a sort of poinsettia look about it don't you think? I am still not sure if I should add something; a sentiment somewhere or a single leaf. I will just wait and see what happens. With my mojo being on some sort of sabbatical I think I might wait till it returns before making any hasty decisions.

If you like the stamp why not pop over to the web site Designs by Ryn and take a look at the other fantastic stamps there are. FYI HERE is the one I used for this card.

Hope to be back soon with more makes - mojo willing! 

Kim xx


  1. Hey Kim, that's great that you found your mojo again :) Brilliant idea to make Ornate Leaf Set a flower! I was thinking that it has a Poinsettia look to it as well. Love those two colours together as well. Beautiful card!!! I will include it in my next customer projects blog post with a link to you. Talk soon!

  2. stunning card - just seen the stamps over at eileens too - beautiful stmps xx

  3. love the card. What a good idea to make it into a flower. Love the colors you used. I wouldn't put another leaf anywhere, a sentiment maybe. I like it just the way it is.
    Came from Ryn's blog. PS the link didn't work connected to your image. You might want to send her a note with a link to the blog post.
    Have a great day