Monday, 18 March 2013

Doily Day

Happy Monday to you all.

I mentioned last week that I had bought a doily stamp.  I also told you that I had only a few Tim Holtz ink pads left worth using.  So as you can imagine the samples I made over the weekend involved said stamp and said ink pads.

If you look back at my archive of blogs you will see that pastel shades, lace and frills are not within my usual repertoire, so these cards are not what I am traditionally known for.  They did prove to be a bit challenging but that was what I enjoyed about making them.  We all have our comfort zone, most of us would happily make items with the same general feel over and over again.  I am generally pleased with the results and perhaps who knows I might actually make more like this in the future.

Part of the free gift from one of the magazines last week was a piece of cream lace.  Normally I would resign this sort of embellishment to the junk box.  (Every now and then I donate the contents of this box to the local school who are thrilled with that sort of thing.)  Anyway, I decided to use the piece of lace this time and I even threaded a piece of ribbon through the holes. (Feeling faint just thinking about this.)  I stained the ribbon which was cream using the Tim Holtz ink pads.  This got my fingers dirty and made me feel a little more comfortable.  I hunted around in my paper stash to find some scraps of similar colours and with a design that  carried on this lace/cute theme.  I am looking at the cards now and they are giving me a feeling of dolls house wall paper.

The green and brown one is altogether more in my colour range but I am not sure it totally works as a design.  What do you think?   Perhaps the upper paper, the green check is a little too dark? 

So there we have it.  Going out of my comfort zone was interesting and you never know I might just do it again some day.

These cards have been entered into The Crafty Bloggers Network:  Challenge #9 Pastels/Spring 

Looking forward to some sunny days soon - snow again this weekend and a cold fog this morning. 

Kim x

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  1. Very pretty cards, love the purple one (thats my favourite colour :) ) thanks for joining us over at the CBN Challenge this month
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