Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Spring has Sprung - I hope.

A nice sunny day today - tempted to get out in the garden.  

Spent a few hours over the weekend messing around in the craft room.  Continued for a little while with the Mini-card theme but soon burst out onto another track.

Ready packed hence the glare.

Stamp close up.
I liked the stamp idea so much that I made several 'stamps' but with no small cards left to mount them on I just arranged them on a single long card.  It did seem a pity to relegate them to the bit-box because I knew what would happen; once in there it would be months before they saw the light of day again and they were just too pretty to not use.  Every now and then I go to the bit-box and have a little rummage. It is strange how certain styles and techniques have come and gone over the years.  My early cards (and we are talking 1990) were  made from recycled bits and natural things like pressed leaves.  Who would have thought that paper craft and card making would become so popular?  Products are available everywhere, stamps, paper, card, etc are now so easy to get.  Back in my early days of card making I would have to hunt high and low for decent card, and you were restricted to C6 envelopes.  Now you can pretty much source any size envelope, made form any type of paper and in any colour.  It means more time can be spent on the creative and less on the administrative.

My New Shopping List.
While in the bit-box I noticed some note pads which I had made when I first got my Zutter bind-it-all.  Now there is a tool that I thought I couldn't live without and now only use once in a blue moon.  Anyway, the note pads needed a little re-working to bring them into the 21st century. The end results are very pleasing and I plan to use them for my everyday notes, like shopping lists.  What is the point of being able to make these things if you don't use them?  I suppose I am a bit precious about what I make and find it difficult to actually use them.  Like the quilts all folded neatly in the cupboard.  I really need to use what I make.  

An hour has passed and the sun is still shinning, I really think I should get outside now.  Who knows, I might find inspiration out there. At the very least I will have a tidier garden.

Take care.

Kim xx

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