Friday, 22 February 2013

The Mini Card Revolution

Back again.  Been a little busy with 'real world' stuff.

This week I have become besotted with all things miniature.  Last week saw the mini books and now I am into small cards.  I have dabbled in little cards before but I seem to have hit on a 'less is more' stream. 

I found some little cards and envelopes recently in my local craft store and simply had to buy them.  You know that moment when you suddenly realise you NEED something that up till that point hadn't featured in your shopping trip at all? Well, there they were hanging in the shop, and then they were in my basket and then they got checked-out and then in my bag and then on my craft table.  It all happened so fast.

Anyhow, I looked through my library of stamps and found a few that fitted the card size perfectly, which is 75mm square by the way.  I kept to the idea that less is more and resisted the temptation of multiple colours, layers, embellishments etc and kept everything very basic. I also thought how nice it would be to have a set of cards on the same theme.  I especially liked the butterfly stamp and decided to make it into a postage stamp.  I remember as a young stamp collector how the image would remain the same and the colour would change depending on the value of the stamp. I cut around the image with scissors that cut in a stamp-edge style and added a postage frank to the lower corner. The butterfly was stamped again on another piece of card, coloured to match and placed over the flat image on the card using some dimensional glue to raise it off the page.

Postage Stamps

I gathered a few stamps on the same theme and I made some travel realted cards next.  I simply stamped  directly on to the card front, high lighted some elements with Pro-Marker, and added an appropriate word to each.  

Travel Wish List

And finally, stripped right down to basics, I did 4 simple impressions of a selection of spices (can we just pretend that vanilla is a spice for this?).  All I did was stamp the images carefully in the middle of the cards - which was more difficult than it sounds, and then shaded the images with Pro-Markers to add some dimension.

Spice it Up

I have to say the Postage Stamps are by far my favourite, I like the image of them as shown above as it really does show them off to their best.  No doubt there will be more made in the next few days on different themes.

Have a great day yourself - make something nice.

Kim xx

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