Monday, 4 February 2013

En France

My goodness, time does fly.  My son has been looking forward to his educational trip to France for a year.  Staying in a chateau speaking ONLY French and doing lots of exciting activities.  I have also been looking forward to this but for purely selfish reasons.  And the week has now arrived. Yippee.

I can craft all day long.  No school run, no homework to help with, no getting up early, meals when I like.  Of course I miss him , no I really do, but this week is all mine.

So, I am currently making a batch of the little inspirational books.  I have a little production line going and have made nearly 50.  I love the process as much as the finished result.  

I have also been wanting to tackle wedding stationary. Trouble is I am not the cleanest of crafters and so I would probably have to set up a work space in a completely sterile area so as not to get anything grubby.  I know wedding stationary doesn't have to be white/cream/ivory, but let's face it that is what most people expect.  

Could have silver or gold leaf and a different colour gem.

I did a complete suite of wedding stationary for a friend several years ago which included a Save the Date card, invitations to the ceremony, invitations to the reception, Thank You cards and place names.  They were great fun to make, again mainly because of the production line style.  The base colour of the card was cream with burgundy being the main colour thread.  I shall have to upload a back soon.

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