Friday, 15 February 2013

Look out of this Window!

Hello all.

Today I made a little picture.  I love the colour and quirky style.

It started with some cute little stamps from Paper Artsy which I bought a few years ago.  The range is Squiggly Ink.

I had once made a small card for a friend using the same stamps and technique so it didn't take much to go to the next level of making a picture.  The little houses are set on top of a hill, some are flat to the background and others are raised up to give dimension.  The main 'house' is raised even further to be the main focus. 

The materials used are VersaMark 'ink' - a tacky clear product, and chalks. I stamped the little houses, the main house and the other various elements onto a nice smooth card and then rubbed different colours of chalk over them.  The nature of the VersaMark is that it 'holds' the chalk giving a darker tone to the stamped image.  I have often wondered why the rubbing action doesn't smear the VersaMark all over the card.  Once I had a collection of houses and elements I cut them all out and started arranging them on the background which was planned to allow for the curve of the tape measure.  

The chalks lent themselves to shading and blending.  I particularly like the contrast of the sharp edges of the houses and swirls with the blended subtle 'sky'.

Placed in a deep frame painted black it is a little window onto a fantasy land.

Hope you like it.

Much Love Kim x

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