Thursday, 7 February 2013

Purple Peek Book


As the week of temporary childless-ness draws to a close, (the boy returns from France tomorrow with a large bag of muddy washing no doubt) I am having a look back at a piece of work I did a wee while ago.  Did try to find pictures of my wedding stationary but without any luck.  Couldn't find the samples I kept either which is no wonder when when you see the state of my craft room.

Anyhow, the piece I want to tell you about is called Purple Peek.  It is purple and there are bits to peek at.  I know, making up names for projects is a skill which I seem to have.

It is based on a rubber stamp I have of a nautilus or maybe a fossil, who knows. I also had a lot of badly printed images of shells and the like which came out purple due to a printer malfunction.  Being the hoarder that I am I had kept these printed pages. There are never any mistakes in art, just pieces waiting for their moment to be born.

I wanted to keep the colours simple and so opted for black and white to go with the purple.  The design was not deliberate more of a discovery because while I was punching some circles out of the purple paper I put the piece of paper with the hole back down on my desk and noticed that it had left what looked like a little port-hole showing the image underneath to peek through.  That is how the whole idea developed.  Some areas are actually holes showing the page underneath, and some are 'fake' holes. 

I also wanted some movement to the piece so I made little cards to pull out from little pockets.  More peeking.  I bound the pages together and used some shrink plastic stamped images of the shell as decoration on the binding thread.  Together with the beads they also form a neat end to the thread to stop it fraying.

And there it is - Purple Peek.  Another blast from the past which kept me amused for a few hours making and has encouraged me to do something similar again.

See you soon, well, after doing all the dirty-boy laundry that is.

Kim xx

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