Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Looking Forward to Spring

The boy came back from France with a few little presents for us, bless.  He had a fantastic time.  And yes, there was a bag full of muddy laundry to do.

That done, I have been quick to get back into the craft room.  I have made a little gardening inspiration book.  I hope the spring brings with it some better weather so I can get some bits planted.

Front of Book. 

The little book is about 6cm x 8cm.  I bought a 'job lot' of stamps from that well known internet auction site and was quite pleased to find they were all themed around the garden.  

First I made the book from sturdy card.  I have looked at how toddler hard board books are made and used that method to make a blank for me to decorate.  I covered each page with a piece of printed paper in shades of green, dipped the edges of the book into some neat ink and allowed everything to dry.

Shaded the pots to make them stand out.

I stamped the words in a navy blue onto some hand coloured paper, cut them out and arranged them on the pages.  I needed to keep the pages 'thin' so instead of using real brads in the corners I drew little screws.  I used a pale green ink to stamp images around the words and navy ink to decorate the pages.  I then shaded some of the images to give them dimension.

You can see the mock screws on the word plaque.

I might give this to my father for his birthday instead of a card.  He loves his garden.

Hope everything is well with you all?  Remember to leave comments and share this blog with anybody you know that might be interested.

Love you long time - Kim x

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