Thursday, 7 March 2013


What do YOU do with your leftovers?

No, I am not talking about the times when you cook a little too much pasta, or there is half a bottle of wine left.  (What is half a bottle of wine anyway?)

I am talking about those little experimental bits, or off-cuts from a card making session.

Well, following on from the Lavinia Blog challenge  of yesterday, here are three little cards made with the off-cuts from them.  Only three because sadly one off-cut ended up on the floor and the dog decided it was his and played with it until it was well and truly 'dead'.

I simply stamped onto the shaded off-cut, which was used for the background of the cards I made yesterday, with the featured seed head in jet black ink and added a paper ribbon with a phrase on it.  The ribbons are attached with eyelets.  The image was then mounted onto some contrasting card.

Once again I used my favourite card stock, ribbed brown craft card for that wholesome, earthy look.

So go on, make something with your leftovers.

Kim xx

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