Monday, 22 April 2013

No Blogging - Just Creating.

So, I seem to have neglected to blog just lately, but when you see what I have been doing I am sure you will realise that it has all been worth it.

Those that know me will already know that once I get 'into' something there is very little that will drag me away from it.

This happened to me again last week.  I got totally obsessed with what I have called Bead Bound Books.  You will have seen them before in some of my previous posts but the bug really took hold last week and I made quite a few.  

At the start of the week I knew I was going to be busy making these books and so off I went to the second hand shops to source beads.  I am sure I have enough already but more isn't a bad thing right?  (Need to point out that I have more stash than I know what to do with but just love the experience of shopping for more.)

Tattoo Flashback

Once home I spent a few hours finding nice phrases and sentiments to put in these books. Obviously there are lots out there but I needed to find ones that could transfer well into little books; short, to the point, a little bit 'earthy', phrases that matched with the overall technique and stamps available, and that were easily broken down to fit on the pages.


I got totally engrossed in making these books and every spare moment was spent in my craft room.  I also spent the whole week with stained fingers which although might have looked a bit grubby, seeing the ink stains myself made me feel great.  Artist at work.

Inside - John Lennon Quote
I am not sure I am over this phase yet so don't be surprised if I am absent again this week. If you want to see more of these books they can be found on my Facebook page by clicking HERE.

As always your comments are much appreciated.

PS - Hasn't the weather been great this weekend?  Spring may finally have arrived.

Kim xxx

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  1. Hi Kim
    First of all, thank you for your entry to my blog. I'm happy to welcome you in my little crafting corner.
    It was not easy to find you ..... but I managed! ;)

    Your little books are just gorgeous ! I just love how they are attached, it's really beautiful and so original!

    I visited your blog, which is still very young but already filled with lots of amazing creations.
    ......I will surely come back!

    Wish you a nice day...
    Rosi x