Friday, 22 June 2012

Baby Steps

Well Hello

Not sure how to start this but I suppose the first steps are the hardest; learning to run comes later.

I have always made stuff.  My passions are paper and fabric, but I have dabbled in probably all crafts known to womankind. I do not sit still for long, multi-tasking is my middle name.  I knit, sew, paint, stamp, stitch, and cook.  I love to potter around my garden and am currently growing some pretty healthy veg. I am easily inspired to try new things.  I remember in my youth being very drawn to car engines and spent a happy few weeks restoring an old car.  Ah the smell of Swarfega........  But that was another world. 

I try to keep my hands a little cleaner now.  I look forward to sharing with you my latest project and showing some of my existing work.  I will probably end up sharing more than just my craft-life so the ride might get a bit random but then variety is the spice of life.  I hope that it all works out.

So, I have opened the blog with a few words hastily thrown down on the page. 

Look out for the next entry.

Kim x

P.S.  I will surely be fancy-ing up the page layout - bit bland at the moment.

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