Thursday, 28 June 2012


Hey All

Just something quick today as I have a lot of things planned for today.

Another of my great passions is taking something that might have been thrown away, something that had a good overall shape but was lacking in appeal, something that didn't make the grade in its' original form or something that was just crying out for attention.

Here you can see a miniature armoire which started life looking fairly good in simple pine but lacked a little something.  Luckily I found that missing something and it now looks a whole lot more elegant.  It originally had glass in the door.  I replaced this with some wire mesh which I painted gold to match.  

I first primed the wood - a good rub down with fine sandpaper was all it needed.  Then using an old purple dye based ink pad I rubbed the piece all over paying attention to the edges and the places which I would not be covering with the patterned paper.  I then coloured the edges with a gold marker pen.  I didn't need to cover the entire piece as I knew I was going to cover each panel with paper.  I find this works well as it means that any small errors with the size of the paper are not so noticeable especially if the pieces of paper are also edged in the same way.  Once good and dry I sanded the edges gently to show some of the purple underneath. 

I then printed out some paper using one of the Glenda Waterworth graphic CDs. I used a purple paper which gave the design depth.  Not content with her lovely design, I further embellished some of the paper with a paisley stamp which I embossed with gold.  I only used this enhanced paper on the top and sides.  I used the basic pattern everywhere else.  This saved time, product and also gave interest to the piece.  Too much and it would have been over done.  Pieces were cut to fit.  Using the same gold marker I had used on the box I then edged the paper pieces.  When all pieces were fully dry I glued them in place with a good quality glue.  I lined the back of the cupboard with gold card to reflect some light back out. 

The area directly above the door was then glaring at me - I hadn't been able to cover it with paper as I couldn't seem to get it to look right. It was a small area but looked so BIG without anything on it.  It needed jazzing up and so I hit on the idea of using some flat beads and brads which I coloured with the now customary gold marker pen.  I also found some flat bead spacers which I used under the paper fasteners around the door.  A little key and faux padlock were duly changed to gold and I found a piece of old jewellery chain which I used to attach them both to the front.

It looked good but there was still something not quite right.  It was only when I was sitting in my lounge looking at my furniture that I noticed what it was.  It needed feet. Some bun feet.  And so some flat wooden beads were stuck onto the base and the transformation was complete.

My one regret?  I didn't take a picture of it before it had all the work done on it.

Hope you are enjoying the blogs?  Your comments would be appreciated.

Kim x

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