Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Well hello again

Today I want to delve into the art of Zentangle.  Or at least my interpretation of said art.  It can be described as controlled doodling but equally it often described as a relaxed art form.  Take your pick.  Make of it what you will.

This is actually a revesed/negative scan of the original
So I started Zentangling many years ago but to be fair I did not know that it was an art form back then, I just enjoyed doing it.  I would often start a piece of work during a period of insomnia.  Rather than 'wasting' the night awake I would scribble away until the morning.  This not only stopped me from worrying about not being able to sleep but it also meant that my night spent awake had something to show for it.

Original is black on white but I photocopied
it onto a piece of orange card
I would often start with the shape of a spade - as in playing card spade.  I used a ball point pen and a soft paper like craft paper or sometimes thick card.  Sometimes the patterns would be totally random and other times a little more structured.  Either way the actually 'doing' was very relaxing.  Due to the nature of the art form mistakes are not really possible and the end result is always a surprise even to the artist.

Trying to keep the pattern the same - an Egyptian feel?

One of my more recent projects involved converting a giant floor puzzle into a sort of Zentangle sampler.  I took a standard board jig-saw puzzle and stripped off the original picture.  (Sorry Fireman Sam.)  I then primed it with gesso.  Once it was fully dry I set about it with a permanent marker pen.  
 I kept the puzzle 'made-up' so that I could be sure not to have similar patterns together.  I then mounted it on a board.  It was really only an experiment but it has led me to start a similar one with slightly smaller pieces.  And no, I have no intention of doing one on the standard sized jig-saw pieces........I don't think........well maybe one day.

Jig-saw Zentangle

Ok, that is all for today.  Busy mum has work to do.

Kim x

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