Friday, 22 June 2012

A Good Place to Start.

Looking through my folder of photographs I couldn't decide which one to load first.  Some shots have been published already on my web site, some on my Facebook account and a few others on Folksy.  I didn't want to put on pictures that have already been seen before, but making choices about what to upload onto here was proving to be quite a challenge.  Until I came across this one.......the madness that is my craft room.

It is a classic example of organised chaos.  I know where everything is and can lay my hand on almost anything without getting out of my seat.  Of course what you can't see are the equally full shelves behind my seat, the cupboard overflowing with 'useful bits' and the stash under the desk.

It is a room quite literally full to bursting and I have every intention of adding to the contents.  There is always the latest rubber stamp, the prettiest paper, an essential piece of equipment just waiting to be bought.  And I haven't hung anything from the ceiling yet.

So, keep coming back to see what happens next.

Kim x


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