Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Do It Yourself

Good Morning (well it is as I start)

I have been flicking through some of my older photos and I have come across one of a background paper that I made.  You know the times when you can't find a piece of backing paper that works perfectly with your project?  Well, I used to have that problem all the time but now I simply make my own. 

The one I am featuring today is a subtle feather design in soft shades of brown, grey, green and taupe (such a love-it or hate-it word taupe, I personally like the word.)

I started with a piece of crisp white card.  I used a good quality card as I knew I would be rubbing, printing and heating it so it needed to stand up to the manipulation.  Using a clear embossing ink and clear embossing powder I stamped random feather images over the white base card.  Once fully set I then took my chalks and rubbed various shades of the required colours over the card.  I made sure that the chalk didn't become too intense and that there was plenty of paler areas left.  Of course where the clear embossed feathers were, the chalk did not settle on the card leaving pure white images of feathers.  I then used a multi-coloured, a stone colour and a green ink pad to stamp more feathers in the gaps.

I think you will agree the end result is quite pleasing.  Of course it didn't end there.  I went on to make copies of it on my photocopier which I scaled down thus giving me a version in exactly the same colours but with a smaller print.   My original piece of art work is kept safe so if I need more copies I just run it through the scanner.

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