Monday, 26 November 2012

Expect Hyperactivity!

Hello Readers.

Today I have been busy making cakes for my sons birthday. He is really far too old to still be given a birthday cake but when browsing the web recently I saw some cup cakes which simply had to be made for him.  Even at his age he is still a fan of Cookie Monster.

First came the cup cakes, standard sponge recipe nothing fancy.

Then I hit the blue food colouring BIG TIME.  Luckily Cookie Monster is a regular blue gel colour found in the food colouring section of the cake decorating shop.  I wonder how many tons of cream cheese frosting I would have made if the colour had needed to be mixed to match?  It doesn't bear thinking about.

I coloured some desiccated coconut with the same blue gel by adding some of the colouring to a zip-lock bag with the coconut.  Lots of rubbing and smooshing got the colour blended.

I sourced some mini chocolate chip cookies, bought some white chocolate drops and melted some dark chocolate for the eyes.  And voila - Cookie Monster cup cakes.

Hope he likes them - hope you like them?