Thursday, 20 December 2012

Stollen - A Christmas Classic.

Today I have made Stollen.  I have made it in the past without much success but today I spent some time researching recipes and came up with this!

I made some changes to the fruit content, used a butter enriched yeast dough I trusted and tweaked little things along the way.

I don't like glace cherries so left them out without any guilt.  Not sure they are classic to Stollen anyway.  I also soaked the fruits I did use in some Brandy.  I used a colourful selection of sultanas and dried apricots.   I didn't have any mixed peel either but I don't think it will be missed.  There are almonds in it and I also added pistachio nuts as I had a handful of them left.  All in all it has turned out very tasty.  It is probably not going to last long once the family get their hands on it.  Maybe there will be time to make another one?

I know this entry is short and sweet but I am getting my house ready for Christmas.

I would like to wish you all a Happy Festive Season, may it be everything you wish it to be.

Love to you all.