Sunday, 29 September 2013

Heads Up! Sheena is on Create and Craft TV again!

What are you doing at 9am and 4pm tomorrow (Monday 30th)? 

Well I suggest you tune in to Create and Craft TV so you can see the truly wonderful Sheena Douglass doing her thing with paint, rubber stamps, and stuff.

Hit record so you can watch those fab demos over and over again. She will be showing the Little bit Magical stamps. Bonus, it looks like the lovely Nigel May is the presenter! I know where I will be, feet up on the coffee table and I don't care!

Thanks for dropping by! Just a quick blog today, been a busy weekend in our house.


Thursday, 26 September 2013

Moo Mania #45 Journey

How busy can one person be? Very is the answer to that question but never too busy to Moo!

This time on Moo Mania we have the theme Journey. I instantly thought of compass which then made me think about this little stamp. Well, not so little actually, this is just a tiny piece of it. As is now customary, I have given this Moo some dimension by layering the compass and the sentiment. I used ProMarker pens to colour and good old black embossing powder for the images.

Why not have a go at one yourself, remember they are 2.8cm x 7cm and as long as they involve the current theme then you are good to go. How hard can it be? Go take a look at the other entries and the inspirations from the DT.

As always, I hope you have time to leave a comment for me.

Happy Moo-ing! Kim xxx

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Maybe a Little Too Simple?

Fun with ATCs have a new challenge out today with the theme Clean & Simple. Nice theme especially as I am really pushed for time at the moment. Check out the other entries HERE and why not have a go at your own ATC?

This is taking the theme to the limits. It is 'clean' in that the base card is the most dominant feature, and it is 'simple'. I used a lovely stamp from Lavinia Stamps, a touch of ProMarker to give a shadow and Sharpie black for the edges. End of.

Short and sweet! Have a nice evening. Kim xx

PS Your comments are great to read, please let me know that you have visited. x

Still managed to get Something Done.

Despite working late nights this week, having a birthday party to arrange, a competition to enter, and ATC challenge starting today, Moo Mania tomorrow, and the usual household things to get done, I have managed to make another faux silver box. This is for the very lovely Nigel May, one of the presenters at Create and Craft TV. I do hope he likes it. 

It uses the wonderful Oriental Birds embossing folder by Sheena Douglass along with the brilliant matt black card by Crafter's Companion and Pebeo silver gilding wax. You could try Crafter's Companion for that too. I also needed to use a few other bits, like the dotty border and the pattern trim on the box as the folder was just that little bit too narrow to cover the top of the box. Don't tell Sheena, but this box for Nigel is a bit bigger than hers! What I need are the A4 embossing folders that Sheena designed.................*Gets Christmas list out and adds several items to it*

Right, can't sit around typing, well actually I could but I do then run the risk of falling asleep on the keyboard........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Just like that!!!!!

Busy days ahead, hope you have a pleasant 'rest of the week'!

Kim xxxx

Sunday, 22 September 2013

WOW! POW! Nearly All Gone!

Oh My Word! What a fab weekend it has been. Sheena has done good! 

If you were lucky enough to get ALL that you wanted then you are not going to be disappointed when the Postie brings your goodies. Make sure you set aside some serious crafting time, you is gonna need it! 

I was gobsmacked by all the lovely Inkoid samples having only seen them in photo form prior to the shows. Watching Sheena and the presenters holding the samples, turning them, looking at them, showing them perfectly to you, the viewers, was so exciting. I hope it was inspiring for you to watch? That lovely fan by Donna, the little Japanese shoes by Diane, the lovely lime and teal blossom card by Lisa, the beautiful purple tree by Pauline, the fantastic Tea bag folding card by Fiona, the fussy cutting performed by Sandra, the vibrant colours of the bridge card Ria made, the paper covered box by Caroline, the shimmering Koi that Karen had swimming around on her card and the great stuff Mandy made. It was all fantastic! You know, I am in awe of all of these fantastic people, they have such imagination and skill. It is a privilege to be an Inkoid!! You will find links to all their blogs HERE and a gallery of the samples on Sheena's web site HERE

I am going to show you a piece that I made for the shows and one which seemed to get a certain Mr May all excited!

Now, if you watched the shows you will know that this is NOT metal. It is simply card and gilding wax. Of course it uses the Sheena ingredients, the embossing folder and a stamp, without which the end result would not be possible.

I wanted to show you all this in the 'Sneaky Peeks' but held myself back because I wasn't 100% sure about it. It wasn't full on. It was possibly too simple. How wrong I was!! I think it was mentioned in every show!!! 

Here is a gold version of this project, this time a money box. These sort of boxes are simple to make, and make great gifts. Only 93 days till Christmas! eeeeeeeeek! Check out the countdown clock HERE.

So go grab yourself a naked box, go to a charity shop, have a rummage, find something to give new life to. Use the time you are waiting for your Sheena goodies to arrive to get a stash of alterables together. Trust me, once you get started you will find it hard to stop!

I know that Sheena is in need of a rest, she worked hard bringing you all those demos. I am also going to take a break from Inkoid work for a few days to catch up on some much needed housework! Or maybe not................

Don't forget I am also on Facebook, KimzKrafts, where you can see more of my own work as well as more of my Inkoids escapades. 

Kim xx

Friday, 20 September 2013

HOW 2 - Simple Tassel Tutorial

I have had a busy day watching Sheena launch her Oriental range. Can't begin to imagine how She is feeling at the moment. Demo after demo, non-stop chat with the presenters, getting ready for the next show, one busy gal today. And to think She has got to do it all again, and again, and again!

Bless you Sheena, girl done good!

Did you manage to get your orders in? Have you had any brilliant ideas about how you are going to use your Oriental goodies? Watching the shows and seeing all the other Inkoid samples has seen me nipping into my craft room between shows to play all over again!

As promised here is the Easy Tassel tutorial I said I would do in my last post. When you have a 'need' for something to occupy your fingers you could make a range of tassels in various colours to use on your projects at a later date.

STEP 1 - I used a classic 6 strand embroidery thread for these tassels. Wrap the thread around something. Now the 'something' could be your fingers or a piece of card, but what I find works well is an acrylic block, the ones you put your stamps onto. Using a block means that you will have a standard size you could replicate in the future. I used a fairly small one for these tassels. I went round 5 times for the big tassel and 3 times for the smaller ones. 

STEP 2 - Carefully slip the wound thread off and keep it in a circle form so you can thread a single strand of thread through the loop and tie it up to secure it. (fig. a)

fig. a
STEP 3 - Use the tie strand like a needle to thread through your bead. It is best to use beads with a fairly good sized hole, but the tie thread helps as it is not too bulky. (fig. b)

fig. b
STEP 4 - Gently ease the tassel back down the bead so the point where the loops were tied together is inside the hole of the bead. (fig. c)

fig. c
STEP 5 - Squeeze some PVA glue, the extra sticky type, down into the hole to secure the threads. Let it dry completely before moving on.

fig. d
STEP 5 - Trim the ends to suit your project. Here I have stuck the tassel to a lantern keeping the bead close to the base to hide the thread coming out of the top of the bead. (fig. d)

It is easy to make smaller tassels using less wraps of thread and smaller beads. Have fun experimenting with different threads, bigger or smaller beads, more beads, whatever! 

Let me know how you get on with this tutorial, it is my first proper attempt at a step-by-step, and I am curious to know if the recipe worked for you!

Tired now, work in the morning, so my bed is calling me.

Good night all! Kim xx

And so it Begins! Sheena Douglass 'LITTLE BIT ORIENTAL' Launches today.

Today is the day we have preparing you all for, the launch of the new Sheena Douglass range of crafting treasures.

Let's kick off with another one of my sample projects which you may just get to see on ONE of the many shows She is doing over the next few days over on Create and Craft TV. You will need to check your TV guides for show times and get your cuppa ready to sit back and watch Sheena weave her magic as she demonstrates the myriad of ways to use her stamps, papers and embossing folders.

It is a bold card, I picked up on the colours from one of the papers, in reality the match is quite good I have to say the photo is a little misleading. It is a symphony of brayering, masking, heat embossing, stamping, 3D and mounting. Bit of everything going on!

I made the little tassels myself with beads which just happened to have a Chinese character on them. Come back later today and I will have a 'How To' for the tassels to show you.

So, I need to get a few household chores done before I can sit with my feet up, guilt free, safe in the knowledge that the family is getting a cooked meal tonight (thank you slow cooker!).

Hope you are lucky with your ordering, don't leave it too late! I would hate you to miss out on what is a fabulous group of products!!

Kim xx

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Sneaky Peek #4 - Sheena Douglass Oriental

Hello blog followers! Well, today sees #4 in my Sneaky Peeks for the Sheena Douglass launch of her Oriental range of products.

As you now know if you have been following me and the other Inkoids these past few days, what started off as a Pick of the Weekend has now become a Pick of the Week. Sheena is working her little socks off preparing demonstrations for the shows on Create and Craft starting at noon on Friday.

I know I have already shown you a fish project, but this one is quite different in the way it has been made. It has a piece of that wonderful 'caught in crystal' technique in the background, you know the one that uses that floor polish. Sheena has done a YouTube demo of this. Check THIS out.

The fish are painted onto another piece of acetate and the layers brought together with the water stamp creating the illusion of ripples. All of this is mounted onto another one of the papers which are also on the shows. By careful planning you can arrange a 'pleasing' placement so that you have complete patterns around the main feature. This makes the end result look very professional.  I used the row of circles as part of the design by adding small turquoise coloured brads in the centres.

I am hoping that Sheena will show you one of my favourite projects I have called 'Fish Tank' which uses this fish/acetate thing to the extreme. We will just have to wait and see if She does wont we?

Don't forget to check out all the other Inkoid blogs HERE where you will see more samples. 

Cheers for coming back! 

As always I love to receive your comments and I am always happy to answer your questions.

Kim xx

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Sneaky Peak #3 - Sheena Douglass Oriental Launch

OH MY WORD! Just had news from SHQ that this is now a PICK of the WEEK. New show times. PLEASE CHECK YOUR TV GUIDES FOR EXACT TIMES. The times I give in this blog may have changed.

Have you been sat there waiting with bated breath? (I just looked up the spelling of 'bated' and yep, this is correct!) It is now only 2 more sleeps till the launch of the latest Sheena Douglass stamps and associated items in the Oriental theme. Remember I said about there being embossing folders and a paper pack as well as stamps. Such a wonderful collection you would be daft not to get it.

I hope that you can make it on Friday for the launch? The first show is at 8am on Create and Craft TV which is 671 on Sky, 318 on Freesat, 748 for Virgin, and 36 for Freeview. If you can't make the early bird show 'live' then at least record it to get a chance to see some brilliant demonstrations. Have a look at the Create and Craft TV Schedule and you will see the other times for that day as well as the times for the other shows right over the weekend!! It is listed as Sheena's Pick of the Weekend on my TV planner so there are lots of shows to watch and get inspiration from. Tell the men in your house to watch the sport somewhere else, it is your turn with the TV this weekend! If they don't already know how to use it, do a quick 'Microwave Users' course tonight. Just kidding guys!

So onto my Sneaky Peek for today. (Have you caught up with all the other Sneaky Peeks my fellow Inkoids have been bloggin? Well, here is the link to their blogs Ta Dah!)

I have chosen to show you a card which I made using one of the lovely Koi carp stamps and one of the backing papers. Such a classic Oriental image I am sure you will agree. I won't give away too much about the construction and ingredients of this card just yet. Perhaps you can work out what some of the elements are? As a notorious hoarder I have a huge stash of 'that will be useful one day' items!!

Right, I will let you go now, you need to plan your weekend! 

See you again tomorrow for another Sneaky Peek.

Comments are always welcome and I will pass on any questions or comments you might have direct to Sheena.

Kim xx

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Sneaky Peek #2 - Sheena Douglass Oriental Launch

For those of you that haven't heard yet............WHERE HAVE YA BEEN?

This coming Friday sees the launch of another fab-tas-tic set of goodies from the amazing Sheena Douglass

Today I am going to show you a card I made using one of the fab papers that will be available on the show. Now I am not usually one to use backing papers as I tend to create them myself BUT with these lovely papers from Sheena I now don't have to make my own. Why would I need to when these are as lovely as this? Tease I know 'cos I am only going to show you one but if you head over HERE you will find a list of all the other Inkoid blog links and maybe you can see some other examples of the papers.

I haven't done what I call a 'constructed' card for ages. Come to think of it have I ever? Anyway, I wanted to do a few samples that showcased the paper and so I thought this sort of design was the way to go.

I had the idea of red and black in my head the minute I saw the paper which is a subtle text made up of Chinese characters. I distressed all the edges before applying them to the card base which is made using the fantastic Matt Black Card from Crafter's Companion. This is my new 'go to' product. It is a great weight, 300gsm, and a great colour. Yeah, I know it is black but there is some really un-black card out there!

The tree is from one of Sheena's earlier stamp sets but it has such an Oriental feel to it I thought it was perfect for the front of this card. HERE is the link to Crafter's Companion if you want the stamp.

Some knots, a coin and few of the smaller stamps in this new Oriental range finish off the card. It really is all about the paper on this project.

So, don't forget to watch Create and Craft TV this coming Friday to see the launch of this new collection of goodies from Sheena. The show times for Friday are 8am, 1pm, and 6pm. Remember the launch of the 'Little bit Magical' range? They flew out of the warehouse! You don't want to miss these I promise you they are awesome.

More Sneaky Peeks to come. Kim xxx

Monday, 16 September 2013


***BREAKING NEWS - SHOW TIMES 8am, 1pm and 6pm.***

'What? Another new set of Sheena stuff' I hear you say. 

Well, YES, and why not?

This latest launch sees Sheena going Oriental in a big way. There are some lovely embossing folders for those that like texture, some exquisite new stamps and some fantastic papers. All work beautifully together as you would expect.

Combine these new goodies with some of your favourite colouring products, like Gilding Wax, embossing powders, H2O paints, pens, distress inks, etc and you have yourself a limitless number of possible projects. And if you haven't got any of the above then tune in to Create & Craft TV on Friday 20th September to see Sheena demonstrating the new goodies and sharing lots of ideas of how to use them.

The Oriental theme easily lends itself to all different techniques as well. The papers for example are great for die cutting, used as backing papers, or for making into dimensional elements like fans or origami flowers. 

The embossing folders can be used on plain white card just to add texture or why not go wild and completely coat an embossed piece of card with gilding wax like I did? You could use a core card and sand back the raised areas for a subtle effect. And don't forget to look at the back as well. The de-bossed side can be used too. Why not paint parts of the images using H2Os for example, the hollows on the de-bossed side make great little 'containers' for colour. You really can go wild with this group of products.

And then there are the 'not a card' projects. Use the papers to cover an old box, use the stamps to make a picture, decorate a frame, decorate a lampshade or candle. It really is such a great theme. 

Sheena is on TV all over the weekend, starting on Friday 20th. As with the recent launch of the Magical range, don't be surprised if there is an early sell out!

More details to follow. Check out the other Inkoid 'Sneaky Peeks'. As is customary Sheena gave each of us a different combination of products to play with so by peeking at the other blogs you will be able to see samples using the ingredients I didn't get. You can find their blog details HERE.

Enjoy the 'peeks' and don't forget to book your seat for the launch! Miss it and probably miss out, these are stunning products!!

Come back soon to see more projects from me.

Happy days!  Kim xxxxx

Sunday, 15 September 2013


Just a quick blog tonight. I have been rather busy with other things but I have still found time to do a Lavinia Challenge entry.

It is the 7th challenge at The Lavinia Challenge blog, with the theme 'Add a Flower'. I have created a very rich colour base for this card using my brayer and StazOn ink in purple and black cherry on Centura Pearl card. It has been a while since I used my coloured StazOn inks and combining them with the Centura Pearl card was a complete accident, but a great one! I will certainly use this pairing again.  I love it!

The moon was coloured with Hunter Grey H2O and white water colour pencil. The flowers (Oops! Will this still count as I have added 3 flowers?) are Tim Holtz die cuts.

Hope you like it? Pop over to The Lavinia Challenge blog to see the other entries and the fantastic DT projects. Get inspired and have a go yourself!

Kim xx

I love reading your comments!

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

STRIPES - ATC Challenge #96

Another challenge in the Fun With ATCs series today, STRIPES. I have to say that I love the themes these guys come up with, so random and thought provoking. My first task was to find a stamp that was mainly stripes. I knew I had the one I ended up using, but I wondered if anything else could be made into stripes, but nothing leaped out at me mostly because of the restraints of the size of an ATC. 'That is why it is called a challenge!'

So, here we have my offering, bold black stripes on a lime green background, Glimmer Mist I think. I found the piece of card in my box of bits so can't be 100% sure what it was coloured with. Just for some irony I stamped the word STRIPES using my circle alphabet and placed a lovely round sun on the card!

Hope you like it? It would be nice to hear from you, so please leave a comment.

Go check out the other entries and the DT samples. 

Have a lovely day!  Kim xxxx

I'm in the MOO'd for some Sewing

Yipeeee! A new Moo challenge. You just don't know how much I love Wednesdays!! This challenge is such a lovely theme, my second crafting hobby, SEWING. As soon as I saw the theme I knew exactly which stamps I was going to use and which little elements I would put on. How sad am I? It does help with the time it takes to make something like this to have a photographic memory of everything you have in your stash. What messes it up is not being able to find the items in a hurry! 


Once I had found those little tiny thimbles and the cream shrink plastic I was off and running. Jokes about 'stitches' are welcome, you know running stitches and stitches with running, but I don't have time to come up with any just now. (Job interview this afternoon eeeeek!)

Right, back to business, the latest MOO challenge can be found HERE. Go see all the lovely samples the DT have made and then why not try one of your own?

Mine features silver stamped elements coloured with Royal Satin H2O, a cute little shrink plastic tape measure and a real needle and thread. I am actually amazed, as I always am, about how much you can squeeze onto such a tiny piece of card.

Hope you like it? It would be nice if you left me a comment now that you are here. Thanks for reading!

Kim xx

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Was Starting to Panic!

For a few days now I have been a little worried that something had gone missing. Thankfully today it has come back. Was it ever gone? Or was I just getting anxious at not having Twinchie'd for a while?

I am talking about the Twinchies Challenge blog.

This month the theme is Anything Goes. So here is my Twinchie, a little shrink plastic butterfly, glazed to make it jewel like on a background of Honesty painted with H2Os and shading added with a grey ProMarker.   The Honesty is from the Sheena Douglass stamp plate of the same name from the A Little bit Magical range. It is nice to be able to use these stamps 'publicly' now. I had them for weeks before the launch to make samples but was not be able to show them off! 

Twinchie Challenge #5

And there we have it! A little bit of 2" x 2" card. How much fun can you have with such a small piece of art? My answer is LOADS!!! Check out the other entries and the DT samples over on their blog. (Link is at the top^^^^^^^).

Have a go yourself, go on I dare you. 

As always I love reading your comments.

Have a nice Crafternoon (Thanks to Deano on Create and Craft TV I don't actually use the word 'afternoon' anymore!!).

Kim xx

Thursday, 5 September 2013


Just a quick blog tonight to say a big


to all my new followers.

It is so nice to get new readers!

An especially warm welcome to those of you who have arrived here from SHEENA.TV

I thought it would be nice to show you a selection of my older projects. (Guess who found a box at the back of the cupboard with some of their first cards in?) Some projects may have been featured on my KIMZKRAFTS  Facebook page before but some are being published here for the first time. I want to go back to my early days of crafting and show you some of my 'novice' creations. Not only have I come on in leaps and bounds since then, the whole world of paper crafting in general has changed from an earthy, home made hobby, into an industry where the sky is the limit. There is a gadget for almost everything, some really useful, some a passing phase. Some I have bought, some I have yearned for and some that I simply had to have but rarely use! 

Overall I think that crafting is what you want it to be. It can be full on, taking up all of your time, and filling rooms, or just a box of goodies you keep in the closet to make the odd birthday card. However you craft, the main thing is that you have fun doing it. I certainly love what I do!

LILAC TRIO              
As you can see these are very simple cards. The first thing I notice looking back at them is their size. It was all about the envelope back then. You were lucky to get coloured envelopes let alone anything in sizes other than C6 or DL. Of course you could get Manila envelopes but at that time the craft paper trend was many years away.

The next thing I see is the simplicity of the rubber stamps. and back then they were all rubber. none of those polymer, clear stamps then either! Oriental was a big thing which suited me fine as I love all things oriental. Funny how trends come and go, and come back again!

The next phase of my crafting was less about paper and more about embossing and glazing products. I had bought my first heat gun and Diamond Glaze.


Things started to take off in the crafting industry and I was able to buy the previously hard to come buy items from a shop I could actually visit! All manner of things were on sale, coloured A4 card, envelopes of various sizes, inks in colours other than red, blue or black, rubber stamps, every shade of embossing powder you could think of and much much more besides.

I was in heaven. And then along came the Internet. The world became my oyster! What would we do without it? About he same time came Shopping channels. I had reached Nirvana. Not only did I get to see new things on TV but I also got to order them on the internet! Thus my craft room was born. I needed somewhere to put all this 'stuff'.

And the rest is history. I made cards, wall art, postcards, books, clutter books, bead books, candles and tags. I altered boxes, books, jigsaw puzzles, tins and glassware. I stamped onto paper, acetate, glass, book pages, fabric, ribbon, cardboard and tissue. I designed my own background papers, made my printer do weird things, used my sewing machine, shrunk plastic, melted wax, dyed lace, pulped paper, made paper and a multitude of other things some that worked and some that are still somewhere in my craft room waiting to be rescued. All this on top of making patchwork quilts, baking, gardening and reading.

I have really enjoyed looking at my collection and selecting the few (and it is only a few!) projects to show you. Come back soon for more blogs, but more importantly, come back soon to be teased by my sneaky peaks of the projects I make as one of The Inkoids.

Take care, make good things, enjoy your crafting!

Kim xxxx

Monday, 2 September 2013

In Summary - with Sheena Douglass

I have had a great time recently showing you what I have made for the latest Sheena Douglass stamp launch. I got really carried away making card after card after card, (and some other little bits). That is because the stamps Sheena Douglass has designed are so beautiful and easy to work with, but that is what 'She' does.

When making my samples I tried to keep each project within one stamp plate. Although they are great as a set, being very easily mixed and matched, I wanted to challenge myself by only using one set at a time. The multi-buy deal for all four plates is fantastic value and so I hope you were able to take advantage of that? As you know I had the plate called 'HONESTY' and 'ENCHANTED DOORWAY'. The other plates are 'THE QUEST' and 'KNOWLEDGE'.

I also wanted to make use of as few 'other bits' as possible. Some of us ('do you mean me?') have a bottomless pit of a craft room, while others seem to be able to maintain a small, neat, box of crafting items. I remember the days when I could see the floor in my craft room. Which reminds me, isn't there another series of Extreme Hoarders on soon?

I've gone off piste again. Anyhow, this is a BIG photo-filled blog showing all my samples, and if you watched Create & Craft on Thursday 22nd August you may have seen some of them as well as other samples from the DT members. 

Deep breath, are you ready to see all my samples??

'Bolivian Blue'

'Is that Door Open?'

'Do Come In.'

'Purple Roses say Hello'

'Toadstool Candle'

'Bottle Candle'

'Rose + Bird Tag'

'Monotone Shrink'

'Moonlit Toadstools'

'Single Red Rose'

'Orange Honesty'

'Door by Lamp Light'

'Choco-Teal says Hello'

'Delft Honesty'

'Briar Rose'

'Honesty by Moonlight'
'Back to Basics - Lilac Honesty Trio'

My task now, should I choose to accept it, is to tell you more about each one. I did give some insight into how they were made during the 'sneaky peeks' prior to launch. Take a look at the blog entries for the month of August 2013 with 'Sheena Douglass' in the title. For the time being, just study the pictures and work out how YOU would have made the piece and check back later to see if you were right. (No prizes, just satisfaction.)

One thing is for sure the stamps are gorgeous, they lend themselves to all manner of techniques. I hope you will agree that this set of 'A Little Bit Magic' stamps is a must have in your craft stash. I hope that you managed to secure your stamps? I know they were flying out of the warehouse. If you didn't manage this time then I am pretty sure Sheena will return with a fresh batch very soon.

Happy crafting my lovelies.

If you visit me here, please be kind enough to leave a comment. Thank you.

Kim x

Twinchie - AUTUMN

Phew! I am typing like a mad thing this morning! I have so many things to do but challenges seem to take over! I do love a Twinchie challenge.

This time the theme is 'Autumn and Autumn Colours'. Quite recently I had been asked to make some samples for Sheena Douglass using her stamps from the Floral Fantasy range - Violets being the one I was using. It features a lovely bee. I had experimented a bit with shrink plastic and made this little bee but never got round to using it in the samples. I kept the bee because as all crafters know, you NEVER throw anything away!!

Using another Sheena stamp, a pretty little leaf branch from 'A Little bit Sketchy' Only Words - From the Heart, I made this Twinchie by using UTEE on a autumn coloured background. I stamped into the melty surface with the leaf stamp which had black StazOn ink on it. The shrunk bee was them pressed into the still melted UTEE. All in all a pretty nice little Twinchie don't you think?

Have a look at the other entries into this challenge HERE and why not have a go yourself?

Thanks for visiting me here, it would be nice if you left a comment. Thanks!

Have a good day! Kim xxxxxx

Moo Mania - In a Row - #43

Morning All! Just a quick blog today, sooooo much to do but can never resist a Moo challenge. The theme this time is 'In a Row'. Once again my stamp library came up trumps with this little house stamp which fits perfectly in a landscape orientation. The stamp is from Paper Artsy.

I mounted 5 of them at a jaunty angle 'cos you know I just love to add dimension to my Moos. The have been coloured with ProMarkers. 

Hope you like it? Go see the other lovely Moos HERE, and why not have a go yourself?

Please leave a comment, I love hearing from you.

Happy Days! Kim x