Saturday, 28 February 2015


Today I rebelled! I wanted to make this and so I ignored Mr Generator! Sorry to disappoint you all but sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

Today was a special day for me. Not going to say anymore. You know who you are and you know why it was a special day.

So, this is a piece made using UTEE and gilding wax. I first cut the heart from a piece of card freehand. I like this freestyle shape of heart better than the traditional, symmetrical one. I then layed on the UTEE and when it was still hot and liquid I stamped the paisley design into it. I then applied gilding wax to bring out the raised areas. Some faux red gems and voila! 

The background is the same stamp as I used on the heart. I used gesso again which I then gilded because the gesso left a raised pattern.

Back again tomorrow for another ATC. And wow, it is March! Time to make the February collage.

Happy Days! Kim x

Friday, 27 February 2015

ATC365 #58 - RIPPED

Confession today. I was presented with RIP and decided to go with a combination of rip as in torn and rip as in current. However, when I came to add the word to the ATC it struck me as looking like R.I.P. Not wanting to make another ATC I decided just to stretch the word a bit to RIPPED.

The card I used was some remains of a project I have just completed. I hope to blog about it soon. The colours of the piece are very reminiscent of the Mediterranean  Ocean. I tore a few pieces of card to look like waves and stuck them to the base card. I used some wire and beads for visual interest and the word RIPPED which we know was meant to be RIP ! 

Right, off to do some more crafting as I have good MoJo at the minute!

Happy Days! Kim xx

Thursday, 26 February 2015

ATC365 #57 - STAPLE

Hello! Beautiful sunny day here and I am noticing the amount of light now coming into the garden since the tree was taken down. It is really bright now.

Today Mr Generator gave me the word STAPLE. He seems to be on a bit of a hardware thing at the moment having had hinge yesterday. 

I made a card for Visible Image a while back and attached the sentiment to the card with staples so I thought I would simply recreate this idea. It means that I can a) post blog quicker b) use Visible Image stamps and c) show the project off to the Visible Image Group followers! Good all round project in other words!

I used their Runic background on the main body of the card, wrapped a piece of loose weave fabric around the ATC and stapled on the sentiment. Simple!

This is the card that inspired me 

Back tomorrow with another ATC! Happy Days! Kim x

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

ATC365 #56 HINGE

Started the day with a bit of log pile construction but it began to rain so I came in for some tea and  a little bit of crafting! Didn't want to settle down at my desk for too long, I really need to get those logs somewhere dry, so I settled for a quick dabble and doing my ATC was perfect! Mr Generator told me to use the word HINGE.

I wanted to use a real hinge but couldn't find one small enough in the stash cupboard. It was when I was shutting the door to the cupboard that I thought about using a door on the ATC. The hinges have brads in them to add a bit of interest.

Not much else to say about it really, white embossing for a change. Not so keen on it but the card was dark so thought it would be better than black again! The card is a piece coloured with Dylusions spray and then some spots of white gesso added. It looks like there was some stencil work in there as well.

Right, back to the log pile for me this afternoon. The rain has stopped and I am still dressed for gardening. It is so satisfying seeing the logs all stacked up neatly!

See you tomorrow! Happy Days! Kim x

Moo Mania & More - #82 BLACKBIRD

Hello Moo Fans!
 Two weeks have gone by already!
Here is my inspiration piece for the new challenge at
Moo Mania & More. 
The theme is BLACKBIRD.

For those that don't know me, I have taken part in the Moo challenge for a long time now. I started when it was just Moo projects. I love the way the group has developed over this time but I enjoy the format of the Moo so much that I stick with it. This small art work is very challenging sometimes but that is what I enjoy about it. It is amazing how much detail you can put on a piece of card that measures just 2.7cm x 7cm.

The background for the Moo was a piece of card that had been coloured with Brusho. I used a small feather stamp and Broken China Tim Holtz distress ink to add a bit more dimension. The blackbird is stamped with glossy embossing powder.

I look forward to seeing all your creations for this challenge! 
Happy Days!! 
Kim :-)

Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Hello! Back to the usual last minute blogging again! Sorry. But I have had an interesting day today. A slightly sad day but totally necessary. 

I had a very big tree at the bottom of my garden which had been left to grow way too big and so Mr Tree Surgeon came and cut it back. You can see the power lines are quite close but it was also pushing my wall over. The wall that protects me from the stream. It is a willow and so will grow again. In fact it will probably look fab even this first year. Look, here is Mr Tree Surgeon doing his stuff! Great job guys!

Settled to some crafting eventually after sorting logs, sweeping sawdust and just generally looking out of the window at the space left behind.

Mr Generator gave me the word MOVING and I came up with this. I have so many pieces of card left over from various projects and when I picked this one I struggled to remember what it was left over from. I think it is coloured with Silks by Pebeo as it has a bit of a shine to it. Anyway, I used another one of my wood mounted stamps with the word Journey on it and the 2 decor stamps are by Tim Holtz. I bleached out some colour on the compass and globe. That was when I noticed the globe was upside down! Ooops! 

See you tomorrow for another one! Happy Days! Kim x

Monday, 23 February 2015

ATC365 #54 - LEAP

10 Lords a leaping sprang instantly to mind. 
And 'yes' I do have a full set of stamps for the 12 Days of Christmas 
but it is a wee bit early yet to dig out the festive stash!

Next best thing is a leaping salmon. I presume this is a salmon, 
but whatever it is it is most certainly leaping!

I picked the background card as it had a sort of scale like pattern on it. This comes from wiping gesso from a spotty stencil while the stencil was sitting on a this scrap of card. It looked so cool I decided to keep it. 

I added more colour to the fish and stamped a dragon fly in the corner. At least he has something to aim for now!

Right, that is me done for today now. Been busy doing chores and had a lovely couple of hours down on the beach, was high tide but such a beautiful sunny day I just had to go there!

See you again tomorrow!

Happy days! Kim x

Marvellous Monday with Visible Image

Hello all you lovely people! Thanks for dropping in. Well, another Monday is upon us. But don't be down and gloomy. 

Spring is springing, the birds are tweeting and I have got a Visible Image project to inspire you to get crafty!

The new stamps launched recently are all fantastic but this melting clock and the sentiment that goes with it are just wonderful. So, after I bit of 'getting to know you' and a play with the stamps I decided to branch out and make something a little different. 

This note book started out as a piece of good quality watercolour card which I had coloured both sides with Brusho paint and left to dry. I scrunched and soaked and scrunched some more and soaked some more with just water and got my hands all inky! It broke the fibres and made the card almost like cloth. I really like the way the edges become fluffy and I love the way the colour from one side bled over onto the other side.

Now the resulting fabric like quality the paper now had got me thinking. I could stamp onto cloth and then sew things onto this base card. It just snowballed! I used Brusho to colour the calico scrap to match and stamped onto the fabric with Stazon. I have no idea what ink is best for fabric but this worked for me! I used my sewing machine to attach the calico to the cover.

I made a small pad of paper which I sewed directly down the spine of the cover. I used eyelets and a piece of faux leather threaded with some wooden beads as the closure.

I was really pleased with the end result and I have plans to make more!

Visible Image INKognito Time is Precious stamps

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See you next week for another Marvellous Monday and in the mean time enjoy your week, get crafty and show us what you have been up to!

Happy Days!  Kim x 

Sunday, 22 February 2015

ATC365 #53 - FEELING

Hey, check me out! Early posting today! It is a wild and wet day outside. Been out and communed with nature. We don't speak much, just exchange thoughts! I thought it was bracing, Mother Nature thought 'Give her some more' and it promptly hammered down! Thanks! 

Back in the safety of my craft cave after a good towelling down, I got on with the ATC for today. I accidentally hit Mr Generator twice. No, really I did. The first word was ORANGE and the second was FEELING. I decided to play fair and do a bit of both. 

The card I used has the colour orange on it and the quote is actually how I feel when I sit at my desk. No pressure, just letting it flow!

The background is Brusho paint, is it ever anything else? I took the small tree stamp from Visible Image and used green Brusho to stamp with. On my trip outside today I was paying particular attention to trees as I seem to be drawn to them at the moment. All that swaying in the breeze and their nakedness at this time of year, powerful!

Anyway, I found the quote in my trusty stamp library and knew it was the right one to convey how I feel especially today.

I added some dandelion heads, I know not seasonal but they worked in the frame and gave balance to the ATC. The swirl was out on my desk and it fitted so I used it!

Back tomorrow with another ATC for the collection. Will need to make a start on the February collage soon, excited!

Happy Days! Kim xx

Saturday, 21 February 2015

ATC365 #52 - TRIP

Oh I am tired today! Been on my feet all day and my legs ache! But it was worth every minute of it! 

It was nice to come home though knowing I would have the chance to sit down in my crafty cave and do my ATC. Some calm after a storm of a day!

The word Mr Generator gave me was TRIP. Instantly thought of fall or stumble but decided to go with the holiday, grand tour, destination meaning of the word. 

Found this awesome stamp of the Colosseum in Rome and do you know what? I have had this stamp for years and this is the first time I have inked it up! There we are, goes to show just how many stamps I have!

I stamped the background first using a collage stamp of postcard type ephemera and stamped the Colosseum separately, cut it out and stuck it on the base card. I used black staples to attach the trip related words to the ATC.

Right, I fancy a nice hot cup of tea, feet up and chocolate biscuit! I have earned it today!

See you tomorrow, refreshed! Kim x 

Friday, 20 February 2015


Quick blog tonight, things that need to be done as I am not in tomorrow. 
Today my word is THOUGHTFUL.
Can't tell you how many times I checked the spelling of that while I was making it.

See you tomorrow! Kim 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

ATC365 #50 - DENT

Hello! Today I took myself off to a beautiful place near to where I live called Mwnt. It was cold, grey, windy, slippery, but oh so beautiful there! Nature is awesome. A friend inspired me to go out for a walk and so I say 'Thanks' to you! I went to the edge of the world, felt the danger and felt alive! 

On my return I felt that it was a good time to do my ATC for today so I hit the select button on
 Mr Generator and he gave me the word DENT.

Oh come on now! You are starting to stretch my imagination now Mr G! 

But wait!

French lessons came flooding back along with my interest in British wildflowers
 and I have come up with this ATC.

The name of one of our most common weeds is dandelion. This has its roots in the French name for said weed, dent-de-lion which literally translates as tooth of the lion. At this point I would like to say that I don't consider dandelions to be weeds! A weed is ANY plant that is growing in an undesired location. 

Right gardeners and paper artists, time for me to get my supper! Me very hungry after all this fresh air and invigoration! 

Thanks again to my muse for inspiring me to get some rain on my face! See you tomorrow for another little piece of art! Kim x

Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Hello! I have been quite distracted recently with 'real life' and big things. Nothing has changed but my resolve to do this ATC challenge is a stable, a constant, and my choice.

Right, I'll get on with why we are here! Mr Generator gave me the word DIRECTION this morning. I knew what I was going to do even before I got to the craft cave. I found a really cute box of stamps at a car boot sale last summer and this pointy-finger stamp was one of them. It is a design classic isn't it? It is universal. Anyway, I wanted to use it so I then set about looking for a sentiment that a) fitted the brief and b) fitted the ATC!

I used a piece of Brusho coloured card with a faint sunburst stencil. No idea which project it is from, but most likely it is a remnant of a page from one of my books. 

The words are Andy Skinner, but obviously he didn't write them. It has been said for years! The pointing fingers have been coloured with blue Brusho, and the hearts have been bleached.

Right, tomorrow will be another day, another ATC will be born. Happy Days! Kim xxx

Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Well, this is a novelty! It isn't stupid o'clock! Bit of forward planning tonight, craft first, and then relax after another stressful day! Who knew car insurance could be so complex?

Right, today Mr Generator presented me with the word TWISTED. Oh deep joy! Spent about 10 minutes flicking through my stamp index and came across this stamp featuring a unicorn shell.

A piece of Brusho coloured card and simple archival ink stamping.  A tickle of extra colour and some white highlights. Job done. 

See you all tomorrow for another ATC in my year long journey! Kim x

Monday, 16 February 2015

ATC365 #47 TALL

I want to know who stole the last 4 hours of my life? Had such a busy day and then it got even more manic this evening with internet searches and DIY stuff.

OK, tonight and only just within the deadline I bring you TALL.

Bit of pre-coloured card from a Visible Image project and a lovely image of a lighthouse. I think it is a real lighthouse somewhere.

Any how, there it is. Phew! See you tomorrow, but if you wait a minute I will see you today! Kim x

Marvellous Monday with Visible Image

What an exhausting week it has been! So much going on I barely had time to eat! Oh wait! If I have missed a few meals that means I need to catch up on some munching! But first.....

Visible Image have been busy getting ready for the Trade Show at the NEC this week and by all accounts they have been having a very busy time now they are there! So many samples needed making for it because they picked this event to bring out a whole host of quite brilliant new stamps. Did you see any of them? If not you need to check out their web site or the blog. All the links are at the bottom of this post as usual.

My inspirational project for today is a card I made using the fantastic Trumpet player silhouette along with the circles from a great set of background/decor stamps.

I started by making my background. You know the drill. make more than you need! There is nothing more frustrating than needing just a little bit more for a sentiment and struggling to make things match!

I used Brusho paints in bold stripes and then when that was completely dry I used white Brusho in quite a thick paste to brush over the top in different directions. When this was dry I used black embossing powder with the trumpet player and for the sentiment. The rings were stamped in black archival ink and I used white Posca Pen to add the highlights. The white Brusho gave quite a chalky surface when dry which was a good base for the stamped images. Some classic matting and layering in matching colours finished the whole thing off.

Visible Image INKognito Play it Loud Trumpet stampsVisible Image Universal background stamps

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See you next week for another Marvellous Monday and in the mean time enjoy your week, get crafty and show us what you have been up to!

Happy Days!  Kim

Sunday, 15 February 2015


Hello! Day 46 of the ATC365 challenge. Bit of an unusual one today and what you see isn't something I created at my craft desk. 

OK, the word was ENHANCE and it really did get me stumped for a while. I tried hard to find something stampy that would work. I failed! 


I love using my photoshop software for doing the watermark, collage and cropping so I spent an hour or so messing around with some of the features I haven't used yet and THIS is what I came up with.


It started out as a very simple photo I took of an osteospermum that grew in the garden of my old house. Here, let me show you the original shot....

It is a really sharp picture and I was pleased when I first saw it. However, I think I am now more in love with the new version! My problem is I can't remember what I did in the photo editor to get this result! I was messing about with all the different effects I was trying and I forgot to write them down!

Oh well, good excuse for another play with the software later tonight.

And in case you are wondering I have cropped the 'messed with' image to the correct size for an ATC and will be printing it out so I can pop it in the album.  

See you again tomorrow! Kim x

Saturday, 14 February 2015

ATC365 #45 LOVE

OK! OK! Before you start telling me off, I know I am late and I also know that it would be too much of a coincidence for the Generator to give me the word LOVE on Valentine's Day!

I have no excuses for picking my own word today but my excuse for being so very late is that the events of today just kept on getting in the way! 

I'm here now and still fulfilling my promise of an ATC every day. But only just! I came back from the pub and was heading off to bed when I realised I hadn't done the ATC. 10 minutes flat and that includes photo, watermark, typing so well done me!

I made lots of these little hearts about 20 years ago using Diamond Glaze which I tinted red with a felt pen! Oh how times have changed since then! So much water under the bridge and not all of it 'clean' water I can tell you! The background is a piece of very loose weave material, I think it is plasterers tape.

Right, going to hit 'publish' so I don't miss the deadline. See you tomorrow for a proper Mr Generator word inspired ATC.

Kim x

Friday, 13 February 2015


Oh, that isn't such a pretty word is it Mr Generator? 
But, my pact with you was to do this!

Here we are then, day 44 of this year long ATC fest.

See you all again tomorrow. Happy Days! Kim x

Thursday, 12 February 2015

ATC365 #43 TOUCH

Getting later every day! But that is not a sign of giving up. Far from it. I really need to do this as it is important to me. It will be something to look back on with pride.

So today I have been gifted the word TOUCH. The font that I use for my caption on the photo has made this one look like the word 'tough' but I can assure you it says touch, I retyped it several times!

Also, I didn't notice the curl until the photo was downloaded! But then that's life isn't it. A bit curvy sometimes.

This stamp is one of several I have in this style. Head of Adam, The Thinker, a full image of this God giving life to Adam from the Michelangelo painting in the Sistine Chapel, a Venus de Milo and possibly one more which escapes me at the moment. The bigger images have more noticeable circles on them like an old vinyl record.

It isn't quite wide enough for the ATC size so I added some dotty edges. The background was coloured with Gentle Blends and I enhanced the hands and dots with Brusho paints.

Right, off to the warmth and comfort of me bed, I is tired tonight! 

See you tomorrow, HAPPY DAYS!

Kim x

Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Wow! What a word to get! So, I sat and thought about it for a while and think I may have done it! You know the expectation of waiting for something, like waiting for a kettle to boil, or a letter to arrive, or a friend to call, that sort of thing. Well, they all take time and the time seems to go slower and slower the more you are EXPECTING something.

This is made using a bit of calico I stained with Brusho for a DT project and the stamps are all from Visible Image. You know the score there, I always have their stamps right by my side! 

Let's hope the word tomorrow is a little kinder eh?  
Happy Days! 
Kim x

Moo Mania and More - #81 CIRCLES

It is that time again! Another theme for the Moo Mania and More challenge. This time we need to be inspired by CIRCLES.

This is my contribution and I can't wait to see all of yours!
So many circles I am almost dizzy! Round and round and round!

Happy Days! Kim 

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

ATC365 #41 TRIO

Quick blog, day #41 and the word I have is TRIO.

3 leaves, three 'snail' leaves and the number 3. 
Took me a bit more than 3 minutes to make mind you! 

See you all tomorrow!
Happy days! Kim

Monday, 9 February 2015

ATC365 #40 CURVE

Hello! I know it is late but my day has been consumed with 'other things' again! Oh well, at least some crafting was done even if it is only this ATC.

Back to the Generator for the word today after a momentary absence yesterday when I had the urge to use my own! Today I was given CURVE. Now that could have been interpreted in many ways but I looked at my recent pieces and decided it was time for a 'wordy' ATC. I stepped away from the word CURVE a bit and picked this little sentiment that doesn't use the word curve but it is implied. By the way, if any of you know of a stamp that has the word curve on it I would love to hear about it!  I contradicted it deliberately with the tape measure thinking that would be a sort of 'deep' comment. The heart was found on my desk under the pot of embossing powder! I had been looking for it the other day and now since I had found it I thought I should use it! 

One more thing, sorry about the glare in the picture. Another reason for making my ATC early is so that I can use natural light, I hate flash photographs!

Brusho background and the stamps, other than the heart, are by PaperArtsy. The heart was from a freebie on craft stamper back in the day when they had red rubber stamps on the cover!

Happy Days! Kim x

Marvellous Monday with Visible Image

Yabba-dabba-dooo! Marvellous Monday is here! My post for you today showcases one of the amazing NEW stamp sets from Visible Image. They have launched a shed-load of new designs and this is just one of them! Take a look HERE to see just how many awesome stamps they have created. This link to the blog shows some of the most amazing DT samples EVER! I will wait for you to get back...............

This note book uses Dylusions and white embossing powder. I like the white against this very intense purple.

And in contrast this card uses purple embossing powder on a pale marbled background created using Brusho paints. The border is using white embossing powder again this time on some simple purple card. 

These new stamps really speak for themselves don't they? Awesome is a good word but still somehow not good enough I feel. 

Visible Image INKognito Angels are Near Feather stamps

PLEASE check out the other amazing DT work both on the Visible Image blog and also on the DT daily blogs. The links to the other DT members can be found over on the top left banner and all the other Visible Image links are below.

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See you next week for another Marvellous Monday and in the mean time enjoy your week, get crafty and show us what you have been up to!

Happy Days!  Kim 

Sunday, 8 February 2015


Confession time. My ATC today was not made following a word prompt from The Generator. Sorry! I just wanted to make this to remind myself about something. 

Thank you! Kim x

Saturday, 7 February 2015

ATC365 #38 - LILY

Another quick post from me today. I have a lot of 'weird' things going on here at the moment but doing this ATC challenge is keeping me on the straight and narrow, well I hope it is!

The word for today was LILY, well it was LILIES, but I couldn't fit the word on the ATC! 

See you tomorrow for another ATC. Kim x

Friday, 6 February 2015

ATC365 #37 FRAME

Not really had much time today and it probably shows in this ATC! But then not every day is a crafting day is it?

I hope to do better tomorrow! Happy days ahead? Kim x

Thursday, 5 February 2015


Quick post and then I am off! The word for today is SPICES. Something hot and exotic sprang to mind and somewhere I would love to go one day is India. I know that spices are part of lots of cultures, for example did you know that Vindaloo has its' origins in a Portuguese dish? That will be because of the spice trading between Asia and Europe.

I have gone off on one again! And this was supposed to be quick! Right, here we are, my ATC project. A warm little card featuring some Asian imagery.

See you tomorrow for another one? Happy Days! Kim x

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

ATC365 #35 DIARY

Oh my giddiness! Where is my head today? Have you seen it? It seems to have been replaced with a cabbage today! Teaspoon in the bin and tea bag in the dishwasher, you know the sort of thing! 

Today I have once again been creating DT projects but have moved out of the craft cave for a while to take a rest. I made the ATC for today with the inspirational word DIARY.

Hope you like it? I am a little pushed for time today so I will leave it there.

Happy Days! Kim x

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

ATC365 #34 - WRITER

Full day ahead of me, I have a mountain of DT work to do and the housework is starting to pile up but I also fancy a trip to the beach. What shall I do first?

Well, first is obviously my ATC for today. Mr Generator gave me WRITER and here is my offering.....

This is another of my long forgotten wood mounted stamps. It is already a collage of writers tools so I didn't have to do very much. I did stamp the design again onto some darker card so I could give the piece some visual interest by layering the images. The shadow you can see is added using Promarker as this shot was taken with direct overhead light. 

So, I must do at least two of the three things I listed earlier. I wonder which two? 

Happy Days! Kim x

Monday, 2 February 2015


Strange word today, SAFETY. But I am not stumped by it! I took a few little degrees of separation to think about using the lovely padlock and key by Tim Holtz.

There has been a little bit of snow here just now so I might just leave the Craft Cave and go take some photos! I know some of you have had a good bit of snow but here in my little micro-climate, in the valley near the sea, snow is quite rare! Haha! Looking out of the window now the snow has gone and the sun is shinning brightly! Back to crafting then.

Happy days! Kim X

Marvellous Monday with Visible Image


I am really excited to be able to finally show you what I have been doing recently! The guys at Visible Image have done it YET again with their latest release. Or maybe that should more accurately be releases as there are quite a few stamps in total being launched in the next few weeks and ALL of them are on pre-order from 6th February.

If you are a Facebook Group member then you will have seen most of them by now. There's a hint for you as to why it is essential to join the group, they get all the juicy bits first!

What I have got for you today is part of the INKognito II release. Isn't is an amazing stamp? And what about that sentiment? Perfect isn't it?

I have made a card this time but this 'family' of stamps is great for all sorts of different types of project. I think these would be perfect for journaling.

Check out the other DT blogs over the next couple of weeks to see even more of the new stamps and get inspired by the projects they have made.

Hope you like th is project and that it encourages you to check out what else Visible Image have been up to already this year!

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See you next week for another Marvellous Monday and in the mean time enjoy your week, get crafty and show us what you have been up to!

Happy Days!  Kim

Sunday, 1 February 2015

ATC365 #32 - BROWN

So, we are now into February! I am so pleased to have kept going and hope that at the end of this month I will be making another collage!

Today I have drawn the word BROWN. Not the most inspiring word I have to say but that is what the challenge is all about!

As you know I am currently working on some DT pieces for Visible Image and have their products by my side 24/7 on my desk. Handy as I also have a collection of 'useful bits' in that box. Elements that I made but haven't found their forever home so to speak.

I knew I had this piece of brown rose patterned card and on pulling it out from the box I saw the Tin Man heart. The rest is history!

The back of the ATC is a dictionary page. The rose stamp is from Visible Image, and as I said, the heart is from their Tin Man set. A button and some brown hairy string to finish it off.

Brown but not down right?

Happy days!  Kim x