Thursday, 12 February 2015

ATC365 #43 TOUCH

Getting later every day! But that is not a sign of giving up. Far from it. I really need to do this as it is important to me. It will be something to look back on with pride.

So today I have been gifted the word TOUCH. The font that I use for my caption on the photo has made this one look like the word 'tough' but I can assure you it says touch, I retyped it several times!

Also, I didn't notice the curl until the photo was downloaded! But then that's life isn't it. A bit curvy sometimes.

This stamp is one of several I have in this style. Head of Adam, The Thinker, a full image of this God giving life to Adam from the Michelangelo painting in the Sistine Chapel, a Venus de Milo and possibly one more which escapes me at the moment. The bigger images have more noticeable circles on them like an old vinyl record.

It isn't quite wide enough for the ATC size so I added some dotty edges. The background was coloured with Gentle Blends and I enhanced the hands and dots with Brusho paints.

Right, off to the warmth and comfort of me bed, I is tired tonight! 

See you tomorrow, HAPPY DAYS!

Kim x

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