Thursday, 30 April 2015

ATC365 #120 *SPECIAL*

I think an ATC is a great way to remember an event and so I have created this one in memory of a great evening spent listening to the very fabulous Cara Dillon!

OK, so the Sherlocks among you will realise that I haven't come home and made this! I actually made it before I went out and scheduled the blog to publish in my absence!


Yep, I am actually not here right now!

Sorry, but needs must! 

I am almost certainly having tooooo much of a good time to be logging into a computer right now!

Forgive me?

Here is a little taster of Cara performing one of my favourite numbers....

See you again tomorrow I hope!

Kim xx

Wednesday, 29 April 2015


Yet another sunny day! 

What is odd is that I know that just up the road a bit it has been snowing in the hills!


Right, my word for today is


Once again I had the chance to use my lovely Visible Image stamps! 

See you again tomorrow!

Kim xx

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

ATC365 #118 DRIVE

Gosh! Another day been and nearly gone!

Busy bee again with everything other than craftiness. Sad.

Oh well, here is my ATC365 offering.

I used a Visible Image stamp. It's called Men's Collage and really all the hard work has been done. 

Right, off I go!

More tomorrow!

Kim xx

Monday, 27 April 2015

ATC365 #117 SOIREE

Quick in and out!

Still trying to get over my poorly managed Sunday!

Time just slipped away. Must have been all the fun I was having!

See you again tomorrow!

Kim xx


This was meant to be blogged yesterday! 

How did I forget? 

Oh well! Doing it now. 

The ATC was made just didn't get round to posting it.

The word is NIGHTMARE.

This is representative of all those bad feelings you get when having a nightmare!

Sharp, prickly, tense, vivid, jangling, broken, cracked, etc etc.

Let's hope the next word is kinder to me!

Kim xx

Marvellous Monday with Visible Image


Do you LOVE stamping? Or is colouring your passion? Do you enjoy creating projects to inspire others? If the answer is YES then you might be interested in joining our team!



What a fab week it has been here again! 

Blue skies every day!

Here we are again with my Visible Image inspirational piece.

Something very different from me today!

Now, me and white card don't get on! 

We seem fine for ages and then suddenly 'it' happens!

Usually right at the last minute!

A grubby thumb print or a smear or splodge!

But this is all deliberate!

This card is a bit of a joke on me really! 

It doesn't need much of an explanation as to how I made it.

Simple red dye ink straight onto white card. 

Yes! White card!!

I love that these stamps are so crisp and sharp, quality kit always makes for a fab end result!

So, there we are! I took a risk and I think it worked!

Here is the stamp list thing and remember just click on the image and you will be taken directly to the right page on the web-shop where you can order the stamps I used!

Visible Image Universal background stamps  Visible Image Drag n Drip background stamps   Visible Image Be Happy stamp set

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See you next week for another Marvellous Monday and in the mean time enjoy your week, get crafty and show us what you have been up to!

Happy Days!  Kim 

Saturday, 25 April 2015

ATC365 #115 ROAD

And here we have the ATC for today!

The word is ROAD.

I have used my chalks for the first time in years, and I do mean years!

I love how this challenge is making me revisit some old stamps and some old techniques! 

See you again tomorrow for another ATC!

Kim xx

ATC365 #114 AROUND

Oh I am soooo mad at myself! 

I made this ATC early on Friday morning, took the photo, did the watermark thing, wrote the blog and then got distracted and forgot to actually publish the darn thing!

When I have come here tonight to add my ATC for today I noticed the blog post 
from yesterday still lingering in the Draft file!

Oh well, here it is!

So from yesterday here is what I wrote about it.......

Today I have used Visible Image stamps.

The word from Mr Generator is AROUND.

I love this Karma stamp! It is from the Be Happy set.

I also used the orbital stamp from the Universal set.

The background is a stencil I made myself a while back using my cutting machine.

Back tomorrow with another one!

Kim xx

Thursday, 23 April 2015


One of those days today! 

Not very productive art wise so a little glum.

Still beautiful and sunny out so that kept me going.

Here is my ATC for today, the word is PERSISTENT.

This ATC was made using a scrap of card 
I have been colouring up for a bigger secret!

Back tomorrow for more!

Kim xx

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

ATC365 #112 SPADE

Ha! Been using my spade quite a lot these last few days! 

My garden is looking amazing!

So, the word is SPADE.

Here is my little piece of daily art.

More tomorrow!

Kim xx

Moo Mania & More #86 Butterflies - Schmetterlinge

Hello! WOW! WOW! WOW!

I have had over 2 weeks of sunshine here now. It has been beautiful! I have been busy in my garden planting new things. Because I didn't live here this time last year it is also exciting seeing what spring flowers there are. So many surprises!

 I have also been creating a new herb garden and came across this fine specimen of Wood Sage at a plant sale at Rhosygilwen Mansion on Sunday. I love the curly leaves it has!

With thoughts of summer sitting in the garden firmly in my mind I am pleased that the theme for the new challenge over at Moo Mania & More  is 


Remember that you can make anything you like for the challenge but I stick with the classic Moo size, 2.7cm x 7cm, just because I like it!

These tiny butterflies are cut from stamped water coloured card in shades of turquoise and lavender. They are very tiny but then they need to be to fit on the Moo!

So, there we are, my inspiration for you! I look forward to seeing all your projects over the next 2 weeks. 

Happy days!

Kim xx

Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Random word generator gave me the word SYMPATHY today.

I instantly knew which stamps to use!

Visible Image have the perfect stamps for the often difficult to make sympathy cards.

I know this is only an ATC but just think how portable a little card like this would be.

If you had to make a card on such an occasion then a small one which could be carried in a purse would be a lovely gesture.

Do it all again tomorrow, yes?

Kim xx

Monday, 20 April 2015


Quick in and out, sorry!

Kim xx

Marvellous Monday with Visible Image

Hello to you all, what a fantastic week we have had here in Pembrokeshire weather wise. I have spent a lot of time in the garden weeding, planting and generally making things look nice. I have loved every minute! That is saying something coming from someone who used to enjoy being in a neat garden but hated working on it! 

And what an exciting weekend for our Visible Image group! Competitions and flash prizes! Well done to the winners! If you would like to see what they created and their prizes then go to the link at the bottom of the blog and join the group!

Right so my make for today is a card I made using just a sentiment and the Harlequin stamp. A classic example of the stamps doing the work so there really is no need for embellishments! 

I started by washing a piece of watercolour card with warm tones of colour using Brusho paints. A pinch of the powder mixed with a drop of water goes a long way! The colours were blended while wet. 

Left to dry for as long as possible, I usually do this the day before. Next I took the Harlequin stamp, sprayed it with water and then stamped it onto the painted card. Using a sheet of kitchen roll I then mopped up the moisture and repeated this over the whole sheet keeping the images in line with one another. I then splattered water over the piece of card and again mopped up the water with kitchen roll.

I used white embossing powder with the sentiment stamp and layered it on white card before mounting it on the card base.

3 faux gems add a little bit of sparkle at the corner.

As usual click on the images below to take you to the right page on the Visible Image web-shop.

AWM Harlequin Background ws 2012  Visible Image create with your soul stamp x

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See you next week for another Marvellous Monday and in the mean time enjoy your week, get crafty and show us what you have been up to!

Happy Days!  Kim x

Sunday, 19 April 2015

ATC365 #109 CREATE


Beautiful day again!

Bit of a rushed ATC today (hangs head in shame!)

Want to get back out to the garden so didn't really notice how badly the white highlighter pen was functioning. It's a new pen but the ink is very watery. 

Miserable result. Sorry.

The word is CREATE.

Back tomorrow with a better one I hope!

Kim xx

Saturday, 18 April 2015

ATC365 #108 TRAVEL

What a spectacularly sunny day today! 

The evening looks like it might be nice also.

No need to TRAVEL anywhere when the weather is like this at home!

More tomorrow!

Kim xx

Friday, 17 April 2015

ATC365 #107 PONDER

Hmm. The more I say the word PONDER, the stranger it sounds!

Oh well, here it is.

This pre raphaelite lady seems to be pondering her book.

Do it again tomorrow yes?

Kim xx

Thursday, 16 April 2015

ATC365 #106 RUSTIC

Recycled some clothing tags for this one.

I do like brown card and free brown card is a bonus!

The jumpers cost me a fair bit so maybe free is the wrong word!

Thought I'd had this word before but a quick glance says not.


Same place tomorrow?

No guarantee of time though.

Kim xx

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

ATC365 #105 SUGARY

Nice day today again. 

Loving the fact that is is bright early and light later!

The word today is


The piece of card spoke to me, it is like hundreds & thousands!

See you tomorrow for another ATC!

Kim xx

Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Today was a very good day!

I have picked the word myself.


How good does giving make you feel?

Me, it makes me feel blessed.

The story behind this ATC is a simple one.

I was parking my car this morning, and noticed a young man, probably 25 maybe younger, sitting on the grass verge. It was a sunny day so thought he might have been waiting for a friend or just enjoying the sun.

I went back to my car to put the ticket in the window and he approached me. I thought he was going to ask me for the time or maybe he might ask me for some money for a cup of tea.

He did neither.

He asked me if I knew of anywhere he could get something to eat. He had been told there was a soup kitchen in town. I hadn't heard of anything like that in the area. He thanked me for my time and went back to the grass verge.

 That was when I realised something.

I didn't know of any soup kitchen locations because I have never had to use one. I have never been homeless or hungry.

When I turned back to look at him sitting back on the grass verge he was crying. Not pretending, but genuinely crying. 

I went back to him. 

I didn't hand him a few quid and say 'there you go, get yourself something' but I invited him to come with me so I could buy him a coffee and a sandwich. He was aghast! I  walked with him, talked with him and befriended him for a while. 

Now I hope I never have to live like he is, but I would like to think that for every dozen people out there that walk by that there would be one kind person ready to give their time and offer help.

The act of giving your money is easy, the giving of your time is more rewarding and means so much to the recipient.

Back tomorrow!

Kim xx

Monday, 13 April 2015

ATC365 #103 YES

One simple word that caused me a bit of a problem!


Then I remembered a quote I tore from a book a few years ago.

Wish I knew which book it was from!

More from me tomorrow! 

Kim xx

Marvellous Monday with Visible Image!

WOW! WOW! and again WOW!

By all accounts the Bosses had a mega time at Ally Pally over the weekend!

Did you go? Did you meet them? What did you buy from the Visible Image stand?

Oh I am soooooo nosey!

 Maybe you will show us what you make in the Show and Tell soon. yes?

Right, today I have for you a bright little card I made using one of my favourite images, the butterfly. Not the INKognito butterfly that I usually use but the traditional butterfly. In fact I used both the large and the small one on this card.

I started by simply stamping directly onto a piece of white card with the 2 different colours of dye based stamp pad to create the block background. No stamp, just use the ink pad as the stamp. I left a bit of white space and kept the pressure to a minimum so as not to squish too much ink out from the pad.

Once this was dry I used a very dry brush with white gesso to mute the colours further. Taking the mini dots stamp I then stamped in both colours over the dry gesso. Butterflies were also added in the 2 colours.

Using Stazon in Dark Cherry and black I stamped a big and a small butterfly onto acetate before cutting them out and sticking them to the card base using a clear silicone glue.

The sentiment was stamped onto another piece of the card in black ink and mounted across the card.

Here is the 'Stamps I Used' list and as always just click on the image to link you directly to the Visible Image shop page for that stamp.

0 Visible Image Butterfly stamp  AWM Large Butterfly ws2012 
 polkadot background 2012ws  Visible Image No Regrets stamp set

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See you next week for another Marvellous Monday and in the mean time enjoy your week, get crafty and show us what you have been up to!

Happy Days!  Kim

Sunday, 12 April 2015

ATC365 #102 GUITAR

Rainy day today so lots of stuff happened indoors.

The word for today is GUITAR

As you can tell my newest technique is painting something white and then stamping it again!

 Did it yesterday with the flowers on the ATC.

Wonder how long I shall be employing that technique for?

See you tomorrow for another!

Kim xx

Saturday, 11 April 2015


Into the next century now,  #101 and the word is 


See you tomorrow for another!

Kim xx

Friday, 10 April 2015


Whoop! Whoop! 

ATC #100 today! 

Worth celebrating I think.

 I need to show you a close up of the moon on this one.

The main picture doesn't really show the shine.

Back tomorrow with another. 

Kim x

Thursday, 9 April 2015

ATC365 #99 FAITH

Jumping in and out tonight. 

Gardening makes you tired!

The word is FAITH

If you have faith then you will understand the message.

These are Visible Image stamps.

See you tomorrow!

Kim xx

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

ATC365 #98 NOISE

So, when I saw the word I had to think laterally and came up with this ATC.

The word is NOISE.

And what do you do with noise? You listen to it!

See you tomorrow!

Kim xx


Hello to you all and a very warm welcome to any new readers.

It really has been lovely here in Wales over the last 4 days and I am hoping the good weather will continue. The bulbs are all flowering and the buds are coming out on the trees. Spring is well and truly here!

As you might guess the theme for the Moo challenge this time is FEELINGS OF SPRING!

Here is my piece featuring seed packets which is quite appropriate as I have been sowing seeds today myself. Flowers and not vegetables but seeds nonetheless.

You can find the Moo Mania & More challenge blog HERE. Your project does not have to be a MOO but anything you like so long as you keep to the theme.

Have fun!

Kim xx

Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Yet another sunny day today! Boy am I blessed! 

Today I was given the word 


and here is my little bit of art to go with that word.

Hope you like it?

See you again tomorrow for another one.

Kim xx

Monday, 6 April 2015


What a lovely day again! Spent some time looking round a local castle, awesome place!

Today the word I was presented with was 


I got a little stuck and then found this Andy Warhol quote which I think covers it.

See you again tomorrow for another one!

Kim xx

Castell Cilgerran

Marvellous Monday with Visible Image

I have a special blog post for you today on Marvellous Monday!

I have once again been lucky enough to have an article published in CRAFT STAMPER magazine.

The guys at Visible Image have designed the free cover stamp for the May issue of the magazine and I was lucky enough to be asked to create a project using the free stamp.

Obviously I had the stamp a few months ago and got to play with it way before anyone else. My fellow DT member Pauline also did some samples for the magazine and I am sure she will show you hers on her blog in due course.

So, what did I make? Well, I made a pocket book which I have suggested could be used to put your favourite photos in or you could use it to write some special words in.

I started by colouring some pieces of A3 card with Gentle Blends and then using the free stamp I stamped all over them using Gentle Blends as the ink. Really you could use any medium you are comfortable with. 

For this step I deliberately avoided the pixel-edge part of the stamp so that the background was kept fairly light. You can see from the picture on the left how I coloured the card.

Once I had coloured and stamped about 4 sheets of card I made the pockets. These pockets can be made to almost any size to suit. These particular pockets are 11cm x 15cm, so the starting piece of card is 22cm x 15cm. 

The card is glued around 3 sides leaving one of the short sides open for the tag The corners were rounded off. I then stamped around the edges using the dotty edge of the stamp. 

The covers for the book were made using mount board cut slightly larger than the pockets and covered with the stamped and coloured card. 

I also used the larger Visible Image flourish stamp and a sentiment, which I stamped in black and embossed.

I made some tags to fit in each pocket which I also stamped with the free stamp in both the Gentle Blends colours and black for contrast.

 AWM Grunge Flourish ws2012   Visible Image These Are The Moments stamp

As an extra bonus in this months issue there is the opportunity to get some of the latest Visible Image stamps FREE as part of the regular First Impressions giveaway.

Hope you like the project and that you have a go at making something like this yourself.

Happy Days!

Kim xx