Monday, 27 April 2015

Marvellous Monday with Visible Image


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What a fab week it has been here again! 

Blue skies every day!

Here we are again with my Visible Image inspirational piece.

Something very different from me today!

Now, me and white card don't get on! 

We seem fine for ages and then suddenly 'it' happens!

Usually right at the last minute!

A grubby thumb print or a smear or splodge!

But this is all deliberate!

This card is a bit of a joke on me really! 

It doesn't need much of an explanation as to how I made it.

Simple red dye ink straight onto white card. 

Yes! White card!!

I love that these stamps are so crisp and sharp, quality kit always makes for a fab end result!

So, there we are! I took a risk and I think it worked!

Here is the stamp list thing and remember just click on the image and you will be taken directly to the right page on the web-shop where you can order the stamps I used!

Visible Image Universal background stamps  Visible Image Drag n Drip background stamps   Visible Image Be Happy stamp set

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See you next week for another Marvellous Monday and in the mean time enjoy your week, get crafty and show us what you have been up to!

Happy Days!  Kim 

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  1. Hi Kim this is a gorgeous card. I know what you mean about white card and inky marks. Hugs Jackie