Other Work - I don't just make Cards!

Here are some examples of the other things I like to make.

Most items are for sale so if you see something you like
let me know.

If the specific item is not for sale, maybe because it was a gift
or I just love it too much myself,
 I can make you something similar.

This specific book is not for sale but I will gladly make you something similar.
This involved a lot of work, with lots of layers and processes.
It is an adult board book. Each page is very thick.
The binding is hand knotted using mostly handmade and ceramic beads, all the paper elements are hand cut and hand coloured.
It is NOT a toy or suitable for small children. The inks and stains are not colourfast or waterproof.
It is a decorative piece.
Each page is about 6 cm x 10 cm
 Any copies of this will keep these qualities but will vary due to the hand made aspect.
£20 incl p+p

This piece is sadly no longer in my possession. When I moved house it was donated to the local charity shop and I have no idea what happened to it after that.

I am going to make another one that is for sure as I really enjoyed the whole process.

The title is a reference to the fact that it was loosely based on the cell structure of a plant stem as seen under a microscope, the INSIDE bit
and it was made from book pages, the STORY, hence INSIDE STORY.

I would say it took about a week to make, all that cutting rolling and sticking.

Cost would depend on size, this one was about 80 cm square.  A guide price for a piece this big would be £25 plus p+p

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