Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Today was a very good day!

I have picked the word myself.


How good does giving make you feel?

Me, it makes me feel blessed.

The story behind this ATC is a simple one.

I was parking my car this morning, and noticed a young man, probably 25 maybe younger, sitting on the grass verge. It was a sunny day so thought he might have been waiting for a friend or just enjoying the sun.

I went back to my car to put the ticket in the window and he approached me. I thought he was going to ask me for the time or maybe he might ask me for some money for a cup of tea.

He did neither.

He asked me if I knew of anywhere he could get something to eat. He had been told there was a soup kitchen in town. I hadn't heard of anything like that in the area. He thanked me for my time and went back to the grass verge.

 That was when I realised something.

I didn't know of any soup kitchen locations because I have never had to use one. I have never been homeless or hungry.

When I turned back to look at him sitting back on the grass verge he was crying. Not pretending, but genuinely crying. 

I went back to him. 

I didn't hand him a few quid and say 'there you go, get yourself something' but I invited him to come with me so I could buy him a coffee and a sandwich. He was aghast! I  walked with him, talked with him and befriended him for a while. 

Now I hope I never have to live like he is, but I would like to think that for every dozen people out there that walk by that there would be one kind person ready to give their time and offer help.

The act of giving your money is easy, the giving of your time is more rewarding and means so much to the recipient.

Back tomorrow!

Kim xx

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  1. What a kind and generous act to do - Love your blog and ATC'S Have a lovely weekend