Thursday, 26 February 2015

ATC365 #57 - STAPLE

Hello! Beautiful sunny day here and I am noticing the amount of light now coming into the garden since the tree was taken down. It is really bright now.

Today Mr Generator gave me the word STAPLE. He seems to be on a bit of a hardware thing at the moment having had hinge yesterday. 

I made a card for Visible Image a while back and attached the sentiment to the card with staples so I thought I would simply recreate this idea. It means that I can a) post blog quicker b) use Visible Image stamps and c) show the project off to the Visible Image Group followers! Good all round project in other words!

I used their Runic background on the main body of the card, wrapped a piece of loose weave fabric around the ATC and stapled on the sentiment. Simple!

This is the card that inspired me 

Back tomorrow with another ATC! Happy Days! Kim x

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