Saturday, 21 February 2015

ATC365 #52 - TRIP

Oh I am tired today! Been on my feet all day and my legs ache! But it was worth every minute of it! 

It was nice to come home though knowing I would have the chance to sit down in my crafty cave and do my ATC. Some calm after a storm of a day!

The word Mr Generator gave me was TRIP. Instantly thought of fall or stumble but decided to go with the holiday, grand tour, destination meaning of the word. 

Found this awesome stamp of the Colosseum in Rome and do you know what? I have had this stamp for years and this is the first time I have inked it up! There we are, goes to show just how many stamps I have!

I stamped the background first using a collage stamp of postcard type ephemera and stamped the Colosseum separately, cut it out and stuck it on the base card. I used black staples to attach the trip related words to the ATC.

Right, I fancy a nice hot cup of tea, feet up and chocolate biscuit! I have earned it today!

See you tomorrow, refreshed! Kim x 

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