Sunday, 15 February 2015


Hello! Day 46 of the ATC365 challenge. Bit of an unusual one today and what you see isn't something I created at my craft desk. 

OK, the word was ENHANCE and it really did get me stumped for a while. I tried hard to find something stampy that would work. I failed! 


I love using my photoshop software for doing the watermark, collage and cropping so I spent an hour or so messing around with some of the features I haven't used yet and THIS is what I came up with.


It started out as a very simple photo I took of an osteospermum that grew in the garden of my old house. Here, let me show you the original shot....

It is a really sharp picture and I was pleased when I first saw it. However, I think I am now more in love with the new version! My problem is I can't remember what I did in the photo editor to get this result! I was messing about with all the different effects I was trying and I forgot to write them down!

Oh well, good excuse for another play with the software later tonight.

And in case you are wondering I have cropped the 'messed with' image to the correct size for an ATC and will be printing it out so I can pop it in the album.  

See you again tomorrow! Kim x

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