Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Hello! I have been quite distracted recently with 'real life' and big things. Nothing has changed but my resolve to do this ATC challenge is a stable, a constant, and my choice.

Right, I'll get on with why we are here! Mr Generator gave me the word DIRECTION this morning. I knew what I was going to do even before I got to the craft cave. I found a really cute box of stamps at a car boot sale last summer and this pointy-finger stamp was one of them. It is a design classic isn't it? It is universal. Anyway, I wanted to use it so I then set about looking for a sentiment that a) fitted the brief and b) fitted the ATC!

I used a piece of Brusho coloured card with a faint sunburst stencil. No idea which project it is from, but most likely it is a remnant of a page from one of my books. 

The words are Andy Skinner, but obviously he didn't write them. It has been said for years! The pointing fingers have been coloured with blue Brusho, and the hearts have been bleached.

Right, tomorrow will be another day, another ATC will be born. Happy Days! Kim xxx

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