Monday, 23 February 2015

ATC365 #54 - LEAP

10 Lords a leaping sprang instantly to mind. 
And 'yes' I do have a full set of stamps for the 12 Days of Christmas 
but it is a wee bit early yet to dig out the festive stash!

Next best thing is a leaping salmon. I presume this is a salmon, 
but whatever it is it is most certainly leaping!

I picked the background card as it had a sort of scale like pattern on it. This comes from wiping gesso from a spotty stencil while the stencil was sitting on a this scrap of card. It looked so cool I decided to keep it. 

I added more colour to the fish and stamped a dragon fly in the corner. At least he has something to aim for now!

Right, that is me done for today now. Been busy doing chores and had a lovely couple of hours down on the beach, was high tide but such a beautiful sunny day I just had to go there!

See you again tomorrow!

Happy days! Kim x

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