Thursday, 19 February 2015

ATC365 #50 - DENT

Hello! Today I took myself off to a beautiful place near to where I live called Mwnt. It was cold, grey, windy, slippery, but oh so beautiful there! Nature is awesome. A friend inspired me to go out for a walk and so I say 'Thanks' to you! I went to the edge of the world, felt the danger and felt alive! 

On my return I felt that it was a good time to do my ATC for today so I hit the select button on
 Mr Generator and he gave me the word DENT.

Oh come on now! You are starting to stretch my imagination now Mr G! 

But wait!

French lessons came flooding back along with my interest in British wildflowers
 and I have come up with this ATC.

The name of one of our most common weeds is dandelion. This has its roots in the French name for said weed, dent-de-lion which literally translates as tooth of the lion. At this point I would like to say that I don't consider dandelions to be weeds! A weed is ANY plant that is growing in an undesired location. 

Right gardeners and paper artists, time for me to get my supper! Me very hungry after all this fresh air and invigoration! 

Thanks again to my muse for inspiring me to get some rain on my face! See you tomorrow for another little piece of art! Kim x

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