Thursday, 5 September 2013


Just a quick blog tonight to say a big


to all my new followers.

It is so nice to get new readers!

An especially warm welcome to those of you who have arrived here from SHEENA.TV

I thought it would be nice to show you a selection of my older projects. (Guess who found a box at the back of the cupboard with some of their first cards in?) Some projects may have been featured on my KIMZKRAFTS  Facebook page before but some are being published here for the first time. I want to go back to my early days of crafting and show you some of my 'novice' creations. Not only have I come on in leaps and bounds since then, the whole world of paper crafting in general has changed from an earthy, home made hobby, into an industry where the sky is the limit. There is a gadget for almost everything, some really useful, some a passing phase. Some I have bought, some I have yearned for and some that I simply had to have but rarely use! 

Overall I think that crafting is what you want it to be. It can be full on, taking up all of your time, and filling rooms, or just a box of goodies you keep in the closet to make the odd birthday card. However you craft, the main thing is that you have fun doing it. I certainly love what I do!

LILAC TRIO              
As you can see these are very simple cards. The first thing I notice looking back at them is their size. It was all about the envelope back then. You were lucky to get coloured envelopes let alone anything in sizes other than C6 or DL. Of course you could get Manila envelopes but at that time the craft paper trend was many years away.

The next thing I see is the simplicity of the rubber stamps. and back then they were all rubber. none of those polymer, clear stamps then either! Oriental was a big thing which suited me fine as I love all things oriental. Funny how trends come and go, and come back again!

The next phase of my crafting was less about paper and more about embossing and glazing products. I had bought my first heat gun and Diamond Glaze.


Things started to take off in the crafting industry and I was able to buy the previously hard to come buy items from a shop I could actually visit! All manner of things were on sale, coloured A4 card, envelopes of various sizes, inks in colours other than red, blue or black, rubber stamps, every shade of embossing powder you could think of and much much more besides.

I was in heaven. And then along came the Internet. The world became my oyster! What would we do without it? About he same time came Shopping channels. I had reached Nirvana. Not only did I get to see new things on TV but I also got to order them on the internet! Thus my craft room was born. I needed somewhere to put all this 'stuff'.

And the rest is history. I made cards, wall art, postcards, books, clutter books, bead books, candles and tags. I altered boxes, books, jigsaw puzzles, tins and glassware. I stamped onto paper, acetate, glass, book pages, fabric, ribbon, cardboard and tissue. I designed my own background papers, made my printer do weird things, used my sewing machine, shrunk plastic, melted wax, dyed lace, pulped paper, made paper and a multitude of other things some that worked and some that are still somewhere in my craft room waiting to be rescued. All this on top of making patchwork quilts, baking, gardening and reading.

I have really enjoyed looking at my collection and selecting the few (and it is only a few!) projects to show you. Come back soon for more blogs, but more importantly, come back soon to be teased by my sneaky peaks of the projects I make as one of The Inkoids.

Take care, make good things, enjoy your crafting!

Kim xxxx

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