Thursday, 18 July 2013

Adventures with a Gelli Plate

Just a quick blog about my new toy. Can't stay here for long as I NEED to do more printing.

I treated myself to a Gelli plate and it arrived yesterday. I spent most of yesterday watching some of the YouTube videos (are they called videos?) to familiarize myself with what I could and couldn't do with my plate. It took a lot of restraint I'll have you know NOT to get straight to it.

Seems that it is a shorter list of what NOT to do, which is a great help as I love experimenting.

Here are my first few pieces made using the plate. I will do a lot more explaining later but while I am getting quick drying times I might as well take advantage of the heat and keep on printing.

If you want to see more pictures now then pop over to my Facebook page HERE.

It would be nice if you left a comment either here or there.  Thank you muchly.

Kim xxx

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  1. Oooohhh yummy Kim, I really must play with mine, but time keeps getting in my way, lol, bad excuse I know. Hugs xxxx