Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Moo Mania #75 Trees

WOW! I just spent a few hours checking out your blogs from the last challenge. Such amazing work from all of you. Hope you all join in again this time? The theme is TREES and here are my MOOs. You know that I only make original Moos but did you also know that I have an obsession for repetition? I love the production-line way of working and the theme this time was a great opportunity to make a lot of Moos in the same design. Hope you like them?

I started by drawing a tree shape on thick card and after cutting it out I used it to draw round so that each tree was the same shape. I coloured all the elements with Brusho paints in 6 main colours, 3 primary and 3 secondary. I coloured each Moo base and tree and let it dry before splattering and mopping-off the water to give the mottled effect you can see.

I have a good selection of tiny stamps and I spent some time cutting out small leaves. My next task was to put the elements together trying hard not to have the same colour combinations, but I think I may have messed up a bit with the red, green and purple pair in the middle! Oh well, I tried. 

Hope you have time to join in with this new challenge? I know how busy us crafters get in the run up to Christmas and I for one have a mountain of things to make for a craft fayre which I am doing in my village.

See you all again in my blog-hopping, have fun making your project for Moo Mania & More!

Happy Days! Kim


  1. This looks so cool, and now as I know how you made it Kim - I am so impressed by all the fuzzy cutting you did here... an amazing work..repetition is a tool of composition and an importat part of art I think!

    Thank you for this great DT- piece for Moo Mania & More!

  2. These Moos are absolutely stunning, Kim. I love them all

  3. i totally love These bold Colors! what a Labor of work, but worth it!

  4. I was blown away when I saw these lovely Moos. I love repetition, and you have done it in such a colorful and fun way. Thanks for sharing how you made these, too. BTW, this is about the third time I've heard of Brushos. I'm not sure they've caught on in the States, yet. You did a marvelous job with them.