Monday, 2 September 2013

In Summary - with Sheena Douglass

I have had a great time recently showing you what I have made for the latest Sheena Douglass stamp launch. I got really carried away making card after card after card, (and some other little bits). That is because the stamps Sheena Douglass has designed are so beautiful and easy to work with, but that is what 'She' does.

When making my samples I tried to keep each project within one stamp plate. Although they are great as a set, being very easily mixed and matched, I wanted to challenge myself by only using one set at a time. The multi-buy deal for all four plates is fantastic value and so I hope you were able to take advantage of that? As you know I had the plate called 'HONESTY' and 'ENCHANTED DOORWAY'. The other plates are 'THE QUEST' and 'KNOWLEDGE'.

I also wanted to make use of as few 'other bits' as possible. Some of us ('do you mean me?') have a bottomless pit of a craft room, while others seem to be able to maintain a small, neat, box of crafting items. I remember the days when I could see the floor in my craft room. Which reminds me, isn't there another series of Extreme Hoarders on soon?

I've gone off piste again. Anyhow, this is a BIG photo-filled blog showing all my samples, and if you watched Create & Craft on Thursday 22nd August you may have seen some of them as well as other samples from the DT members. 

Deep breath, are you ready to see all my samples??

'Bolivian Blue'

'Is that Door Open?'

'Do Come In.'

'Purple Roses say Hello'

'Toadstool Candle'

'Bottle Candle'

'Rose + Bird Tag'

'Monotone Shrink'

'Moonlit Toadstools'

'Single Red Rose'

'Orange Honesty'

'Door by Lamp Light'

'Choco-Teal says Hello'

'Delft Honesty'

'Briar Rose'

'Honesty by Moonlight'
'Back to Basics - Lilac Honesty Trio'

My task now, should I choose to accept it, is to tell you more about each one. I did give some insight into how they were made during the 'sneaky peeks' prior to launch. Take a look at the blog entries for the month of August 2013 with 'Sheena Douglass' in the title. For the time being, just study the pictures and work out how YOU would have made the piece and check back later to see if you were right. (No prizes, just satisfaction.)

One thing is for sure the stamps are gorgeous, they lend themselves to all manner of techniques. I hope you will agree that this set of 'A Little Bit Magic' stamps is a must have in your craft stash. I hope that you managed to secure your stamps? I know they were flying out of the warehouse. If you didn't manage this time then I am pretty sure Sheena will return with a fresh batch very soon.

Happy crafting my lovelies.

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Kim x


  1. A fabulous array of gorgeousness Kim, they are all stunning creations. Hugs P xxx

  2. Love the cards and candles, my stamps arrived on Monday and i cannot wait to get crafting with them and using your samples as inspiration.

    1. They really are fantastic stamps Liz! Have fun with them. I would love to see what you make with them. x