Monday, 14 October 2013

HOW 2 - The Foldy-Zig-Zaggy Card

A new venture for me! 

Told you I flit around from one thing to another.

So in an attempt to keep me 'fresh' (or maybe wake me up a bit!) I have decided to do a full-on tutorial for my folded zig-zag card which featured in the recent Sheena Douglass show on Create & Craft and which several of you have asked me about. So here goes!

You will need 2 pieces of card, 1 x A4 and 1 x A5.

1. Starting with the A4 piece of card, cut it down to 25cm. Keeping the card in a landscape orientation and working on the back measure from the left edge 12cm and 24cm. Score down the lines A + B. (fig.1)


2. Measure from the left edge 6cm and 18cm, points A + B, and mark lightly with a pencil. Do not score yet. (fig.2)

3. Measure from the top down these lines 7cm, points A + B,  and up from the bottom on these line 7cm, points C + D. Measuring from top and bottom like this takes into account any slight differences in width of the original A4 card and ensures the top and the bottom panel are equal in size. Join point A with B, and point C with D. ( fig.3)


4. Cut carefully, best to use a craft knife and metal ruler, between A + B and again between C + D. (fig.4)

5. Score down the lines marked at 6cm and 18cm but only to the point where the cut starts. Stop the score at points A,B,C + D as in fig.5.  Not scoring all the way down these lines gives a better look to the finished card and also adds strength.


6. Start folding the card. Take the centre panel and bring the fold towards you. Push the top and bottom folds backwards. Bring the long panels at either side together. Run a bone folder along all the folds to 'educate' the card to always fold the way it needs to. (fig.6)


7. All this has been happening with the back of the card towards you. Now take the card and flip it over so that the extra 1cm is now on the left and pointing backwards. The top and bottom panels are forward and the centre panel is pushed backwards. This gives you a great place to hang something! (fig.7)


8. Now, stick the piece of A5 card onto the 1cm strip. (fig.8 + fig.9)

9. It is vital to line everything up before sticking down. Obviously any small overhangs can be trimmed along the top and bottom edges.


10. Trim away the excess card from the A5 front panel taking care not to cut into the fold of the centre panel. (fig.10)


11. And there we have it! A lovely zig-zag card ready to decorate. You could try varying the depth of the top and bottom panels. All this involves is changing the measurements at step 3.

The Completed Card - Naked and needing Decorating!

I hope that you have enjoyed this step-by-step. I have read it through several times and naturally I have been very careful to make it easily understood. I cannot be held responsible for any failed attempts at making this card, but I will make any changes to the method if you find an error and you inform me about it.

I will go now and decorate my own card, the one I photographed in the making of this guide and upload a photo when it is done.

Have fun experimenting with different card types, patterned card, and go to won decorating your project!

Show me your projects by adding a link to your blog in the comments. I would love to see what you have created!

Thanks for being here, your comments are always read and I will get back to you asap if you have any questions.

Kim xxx


  1. The instructions seem to be excellent, I shall test it out today given half a chance. Thank you so much for taking the trouble. I am a newbie at cards and the demonstrations on create and craft shows though excellent can go a bit too quick at times for me. I am loving my new found hobby in my dotage!

    1. Hi Marg! Let me know how you get on. The key is accuracy in measuring and cutting. Kim x

  2. This is fabulous Kim thanks for sharing ... I saw it on fb last night but was on my phone so in my naivety I thought I would be able to find it on my timeline today - wrong searched for ages to no avail so I put a shout out an my good friend Moira found it and tagged me. Methinks I shall be having a bash at this at sometime in the not too distant future x

    1. HI Linda! If you are on FB go to my KimzKrafts page
      and 'LIKE' the page. You will then be able to get all my blog activity when it happens. Don't forget to show me what you have made using this How2, I am curious! Kim XX

  3. Two wrong goes with scrap and then 'Bingo' I had it figured out (little grey cells a bit tired) just completed the making of it in card ready now to decorate. Thanks once again for your great instructions.x

    1. Hi Marg! Glad you worked it out, but can you tell me was it something I didn't explain properly? If so, can you let me know and I will re-write it. Great idea to do some trials on scrap, I actually use cheap photocopy paper to do my trialing. Don't forget to show me your creations! Kim xx

  4. I'm not very good with instructions but this step by step is excellent. I have just completed my trial card on the first attempt, by just taking it one step at a time you have broken what looked like complicated card into lovely bite size pieces. Thank you so much. Keeping this one for future reference with measurements on and now going to try and make a Real card xxx:) Annie

    1. Yeah Annie! Well done. And thank you for kind comments. I am so pleased that you managed to make a Zig-Zaggy card. Now you have the 'knowledge' I hope you go on to make many more cards. How about showing me what you make? Kim xx