Thursday, 9 May 2013

......and now you can see my MOO

Yesterday you saw my Twinchie.  If that wasn't enough of a surprise for you then today I am going to show you my MOO.


Bet you didn't expect to see that did you?  The great thing about a MOO is the size of it. I came across a blog challenge (yep another one) called MOO MANIA - look HERE for all the MOOS you could ever want to see.

They are teeny-tiny bits of art measuring 2.8cm x 7cm.  (If you work in 'old money' that is just over 1" x nearly 3")

Just to prove the point here is a picture taken with the ruler as proof.

The theme this time is insects.  It was quite a test because not only did I have to find some insect stamps but then I had to make sure they were small enough to fit on the MOO.

Anyway, job done and I am quite pleased with the result.  Can't wait for the next challenge.

See you again soon I hope.

Kim xx

PS Comments are lovely, please be nice and tell me you've visited. x


  1. Yes, I visited and I like your green dragonflies Moo very much.

  2. Wow Kim.. this is really AMAZING!

    Thank you very much for taking part and joining MOO MANIA Challenge with this little treasure!!

    xxx Susi

  3. Fantastic artwork! This looks great!

  4. Thanks so much for joining us at Moo-Mania, this is gorgeous!

  5. Oh how detailed lovely scene Dxx

  6. Beautiful work!!

    Hugs doris