Monday, 13 May 2013

You Know I Couldn't Resist

Start of a new week, weather was a bit random over the weekend but it did mean I had to spend a lot of my time inside.  And where better to be than in my craft room.

Tinkering with some new stamps that arrived on Friday - eBay I LOVE YOU.  Always seem to pick up bargains.

The stamps are of child-angels, Victorian style, and are they what you would call photo-real?  Not sure but they are very sweet.

As usual I added them to my stamp index (a sort of visual library of all my stamps telling me which numbered box they are in - will take some pictures of it to show you another time) and while I was adding these new stamps I was pondering what they could be used with.  The Victorian feel suggested lace to me and the old fashioned practice of colouring/tinting black and white images seemed to be a good idea to.

Having made up a batch of these prints I put them in my 'useful bits' box and thought no more about it UNTIL the lovely Hels at Ink on my Fingers published her Sunday Stampers challenge Simply Irresistable week #257.

So bright and early this morning I set about making something. When I read the challenge blog I spent that evening pondering, thinking of what I would like to do, how I would use the resist technique, what colours, what format etc. and the first thing that came to mind was using a lace stamp as the resist image on old book pages.  Now in the past the paper in the old books that I like to use has proved to be a little too absorbent and rough for resist so I experimented and was really pleased with the result.  Trick was not to burn the paper when heating the clear embossing powder.

And the rest is history.  The Angel Promises book was born.  My favourite format, with my favourite colours and my new angel stamps.

As it is Monday and I have a finished project to show you today, I thought I would also include this in the Handmade Monday blog challenge #116 linked HERE.  

 I enjoyed making it, hope that you enjoy looking at it?

Remember to leave a comment to say you visited me.  Thanks in advance to all who do.

Make merry with the crafting, I know I will.

Kim xxx


  1. That's lovely. I love the vintagey feel of the images which you have caught beautifully with your choice of colour. x

  2. Wow, that's amazing. I love the mix of imagery and text and vintage feel. Just gorgeous! Welcome to Handmade Monday - enjoy! x

  3. These are lovely and the words are so very lovely. A great use of your new stamps.

  4. I love the vintage theme and paper flowers.
    Best wishes

  5. ooh this is goooorgeous... love it... Thanks for joining in with the Sunday Stamper x