Friday, 23 August 2013

My Own Little Sneaky Peek.

Well after all that activity recently you would have thought that I would take a break. How wrong you would be!! I am currently making a little something for myself. Thought I would just give you a little taster of the project.

Is that a bead book? Yep it is. How long did you think I would go without making one? Like I said, sneaky peek only at the moment. I will show you more very soon! 

Take care!

Kim xx


  1. Looks fab... Um what is a bread book??

  2. lol Mrs O!!! I think you will find it says BEAD book!! Are you hungry by any chance? Have a look at my FB albums to see more.


  3. This is beautiful. Hope you don't mind I pinned it to pinterest since there was a button on it. LOVE IT.