Thursday, 22 August 2013

What a Day it has Been! - with Sheena Douglass

Well! What do you know? Our predictions were right. Those lovely 'A Little bit Magical' stamps flew out of the warehouse like an owl on a mission! I do hope you were lucky enough to secure yours? I am not sure that yours will be delivered by an owl, but trust me you were lucky to get yours this time. For those that missed out, I am sure Sheena will be busy right now getting new stock organised.

It is funny really that despite having seen most of the samples already during the planning stages of the launch, (and of course seeing my own in the flesh!) it is really exciting to see them on the TV. Each one of us Inkoids have created little TV stars thanks to Sheena and her brilliant drawing skills. All the samples looked stunning!

Needless to say I am once more inspired having seen wor Sheena demonstrating that floor polish technique. I have in my crafty stash a bottle of the one called KLEAR which has been there for quite some time. I came across it in a small shop while on holiday in Wales of all places, and snapped it up as I couldn't remember ever seeing it in my local mega-supermarket. Anyway, this is going to be on my list of things to play with work with tomorrow. I only experimented with it once just to check it was going to do what I wanted it to. It did but I then went off on a tangent and forgot all about it.

I doubt if there will be any lull in activities for me as I am totally addicted to my crafting! It is a sad day when I can't get a few moments of creativity in. 

On a slightly different note, it was my grandsons 1st birthday today, and GCSE results day too. What a busy and exciting day I have had. Lots of cuddles with the Grandson and a congratulatory hug was had with son on achieving his fantastic grades!!

Thanks for all your lovely comments both here, on my personal Facebook page, and on my crafty Facebook page KimzKrafts.

Also a big welcome to my new followers. Hope you enjoy the ride!

Crafting hugs Kim xxx

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  1. Hi Kim
    what an amazing day and I have to agree with you the samples did look fantastic on the show. How lovely that you should get to celebrate today with your family, wonderful.
    Have a great weekend