Monday, 4 August 2014

August Challenge with Visible Image

WOW! Did you see the fantastic entries for last month?

Were you the lucky winner? 

A little later than usual due to the holidays, the new monthly challenge goes live at Visible Image today. Why not take a look at the other DT projects over on the blog to get your creative ideas flowing.

My make is a little different this time, I have decorated some candles using the More than Words set/Thank You and the Bronte Script. I find decorated candles a really useful stand-by gift for those moments when you don't quite know what to get for somebody, or for when somebody needs a gift quick, like the neighbour who looked after your cat, or when you are asked to donate a prize to the school fete.

They are decorated using stamped tissue paper which is then heat welded onto the candle. Ah! You thought because the Visible Image stamps are flexible that I wrapped the inky stamp around the candle. Tried that, the ink won't stick!

Of course you need to be careful with candles when lit. They will burn as normal, but I would still treat them with the respect they deserve. Lit candles should never be left unattended.

I will take my Health and Safety hat off now.....but I needed to say it. Thanks for bearing with me! To be honest most decorated candles will stay unlit as they are more of a home decor item than a practical one, but they do still 'work' after being decorated.

So, pop over to the Visible Image blog - HERE - and follow the link to the August Challenge area. Or go to the Facebook Group - HERE - to see the DT inspirations and upload your entry. It always amazes me how differently we interpret the stamps! 

Have a great day and I hope to see your entry this month!


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