Friday, 5 September 2014

Friday Feature with Visible Image

What an excellent day it is going to be. Yep, I've made that decision already! It is Friday after all and for me that means I get to show you another project made using the truly fantastic Visible Image stamps. It is also my shopping day and I just know I am going to buy something nice for my lunch. In fact, I will take my lunch to the beach and have a picnic! Great way to spend the rest of my day!

OZ Banner Dorothy PN

First, you need to know about the latest stamp launch. Visible Image are celebrating the 75th anniversary of the film Wizard of Oz with a full set of the main characters, Dorothy and Toto, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, the Scarecrow, the Wicked Witch (she is Nasty!!) and her minions the Flying Monkeys!! (Even Nastier!)

Go to the Visible Image web site for all the details. See the great additional stamps that each character comes with. Tin Man has a great heart image to compliment him. And a dinky, cute oil can!

I promise to show you more projects over the next few days. Come back to see more of what I did with the heart!

Right, for my project today I have gone with the flower from the INKognito set, with a hint of music score in the background, and a great sentiment!

I started by colouring some white card with Brusho powder paint quite randomly. You know the drill, always paint more than you actually need a) for additions like the sentiment and b) so you can select a nice area for your image to sit on. And maybe also c) because painting is just a fun thing to do!

Once this was dry I stamped the music score onto it with a pale colour ink, I used Fawn Impress ink, but anything pale will do. You could use an old, nearly dried up pad as you really don't want full on colour for the background. The only thing I was careful with was to keep the lines horizontal. When you are going for straight it needs to be REALLY straight!  As you can see I didn't stamp everywhere, just in a few places.

I then inked up the flower and stamped it 3 times onto the page. If you are a little worried about placement, practice on a scrap of paper first. I then added the stems. Because they are separate it is really easy to position them exactly where you want them.

I then stamped the sentiment onto another piece of coloured card. I had an idea of where it was going to go on the finished piece so I selected a piece that was in total contrast to the background. 

I mounted the pieces onto a black card blank. I tore the top, right and bottom edges but kept the left edge crisp on both the main image and the sentiment. And lastly, I expect you think I am going to say 'I attached everything with black staples.' Well, I didn't! 

I find that actually stapling things to cards leaves you with unsightly, and frankly dangerous wires on the card. Also unless you have a long arm stapler, it is very hard to staple down the folded side. What I do is add the staples to the top layer and then glue the bits together as you would do normally.  This hides the backs of the staples and keeps the wires covered and safe.

There we are, job done! Hope you have been inspired? Here is all the info you need, click the images to link to the online shop.

Visible Image Flower INKognito stamp visible image stamps live the life stamp Music bg ws2012

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  1. great card, love how you have done the background and the words fit nicely with it x

  2. Love your card and the way you have used the brusho's. Am adoring your blog background too :)

  3. Amazing love what you have done, i love your blog so inspiring xx