Thursday, 25 September 2014

I have some Moo Mania news for you!

Hi Followers, thanks for dropping by today. As the title of the post says, I have some news for you. As you know I am a BIG fan of Moos. Lost you already?

#34 Insects

Well, a Moo is a piece of card 2.8 cm x 7 cm that's approx 1.1" x 2.8" if you like imperial measurements. I read somewhere that it is half a standard sized business card. Anyway these little pieces of card spawned a whole new genre of art and I love making Moos!

#59 Triptych

I stumbled across the Moo Mania blog last year and have been participating ever since! At first my Moos where very simple, one dimensional and quite naive but since then I have embraced the Moo and made some really complex pieces. They can be created with a portrait or landscape orientation, they can be stand alone or part of a collection, they can be a small part of a larger piece, in fact they can be whatever you want them to be!

The most important thing for me is the amount of fun I have designing each Moo. I am continuously surprised at just how much visual information can be added to such a tiny piece of card!. 
#39 Landscape

#44 Sewing

 As I said, I started a while back with my first piece for the #34 challenge where the theme was Insects. It is always such a thrill seeing the new theme. This is when the brain starts working! Sometimes it is the best bit thinking through the design in my head. Waiting in queues or sitting in waiting rooms is no longer boring as I use this time as thinking time!

When I was too busy to craft during the house move earlier in the year, I kept a list of the Moos which I couldn't make. Sad days. But once I had settled into my new home I set about catching up and boy! was that a fun time! I made 13 different themed Moos. Of course the challenge dates had closed but I still let the guys at Moo Mania know I had done them.

#37 A Moo in its' own Surroundings

Where some people make a design 'fit' multiple challenges I will only create a Moo for the specific Moo Mania challenge. There is nothing wrong with entering your Moo into as many different challenges as you want but I like to keep my Moo purely for Moo Mania. I also only make the standard sized Moos even though the challenge blog does allow you to make any kind of project now. Again, nothing wrong with that, I am just a Moo purist. 

Oh, so what is the news you  are all asking! Well, I have been asked to make regular pieces for the blog, I am now officially on the Moo Mania Design Team! Whoo Whoo!! 

#70 Music is in the Air
The current theme

This is such an honour and a privilege. I also now know what the next 10 or so themes are! The element of surprise has gone but trust me the thrill of making the Moos is still there.

The theme this time is Autumn Colours 
and here is the Moo I created for this.

#71 Autumn Colours

I hope that you enjoy the journey with me and my Moos, there should be some great times ahead!

This is going to be a wonderful ride, hop on, take a seat, take in the view!

Kim xx


  1. Welcome to the MOO-MANIA & MORE Design Team, Kim. We are happy to have you with us in the design team, because your artwork is gorgeous.

    I love the Moo's you made.


  2. Congrats Kim and I love your Moo's :) xx

  3. Oh Kim you wrote a great article about MOOs and MOO MANIA & MORE ..
    I am so happy to have you with us and I adore all this pieces shown here in this article and special I love your first DT . piece! It's just wonderful!