Friday, 14 March 2014

Blue Roses - The Friday Feature with Visible Image

BLUE ROSES, but they could be any colour you want!

Well Hello everyone! It is nice to see you again.

My project for today is a card I made using the free Visible Image designed stamp that came with Craft Stamper recently, the big blousy rose.  Don’t worry if you didn't get the magazine as this rose is available direct from Visible Image right now. It is in the Immortal Love set, in fact there are 2 roses in the set.

Now this card was made using the masking technique, or maybe I should say the EXTREME masking technique! I started by shading a piece of white card with my favourite shade of Gentle Blend, Denim. I applied the colour more heavily at one end than the other so that I had some very pale areas as well as a very dark area.

My next job was to cut masks of the rose. I use those little sticky notes, not necessarily the well known brand as any brand will do so long as it doesn't leave a residue! My local supermarket has a £1 aisle and that is where I get mine from. Stamp the image over the sticky bit and your mask will stay in place.

I made about 4 masks as I wanted to make sure I had enough. And then it began. I used a black ink to stamp the first rose. Waiting briefly to make sure the ink was dry I then masked this rose and stamped again, and masked again, and stamped again, and masked again… get the picture. It is all about making sure you mask any rose that is in the area of your next stamp. Turn the stamp so you don’t get any obvious repeats.

Once I had stamped a large enough piece for the background, I repeated the process on a smaller piece of card where the colour was less intense. I also deliberately didn’t fill the page as I wanted there to be some ‘empty’ space.

Then I stamped one last rose on the palest piece of paper which I cut out. Some careful 3D layering with some blue card and a piece of paper ribbon and there we have it!

If you didn't get the free stamp, just click on the image below to be whisked off to the online shop. While you're there have a look around at some of the other amazing stamps you can buy. 

You can find Visible Image on Facebook, there is a group to join where you will get to see DT projects, pick up some great tips and inspiration, upload your own makes, enter 'spot' competitions, here any news first hand and meet other like minded crafters. Theres the Visible Image blog too which hosts a monthly challenge. This month is 'Your Favourite Visible Image Stamp' - the DT inspiration for the challenge is there as always.

Right, I am off to my room, it is looking a bit untidy. For me that means I have no room to swing an ink pad! I have found that it doesn't matter how big my craft room is I always end up crafting on a space no bigger than a postage stamp!! 

Have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing you again soon. 


  1. Gorgeous card, love that rose stamp!

  2. Gorgeous card, I do love roses!
    Linda xxx

  3. Beautiful card. Love the technique and the stamp.

  4. Love the card and the rose stamp what a great way to make a card that could be sent to either male or female

  5. This is fab and very moody. I love masking as a technique, although it does sometimes get tedious x

  6. Hi hun it is really moody love it great job Judith x