Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Wanderer Returns!

Well Hello! It has been ages since I last blogged. It has been a very strange few weeks for me. I have finally moved house; long story, many ups and downs, won't bore you with it! The good news is that I am finally 'here' where I wanted to be all those months ago when I first saw this house up for sale.

The hardest thing, other than the move of course, was the difficulty I had crafting, or rather NOT crafting! I packed my stash thinking it would only be a few weeks before I would get set up in my new craft room, but things didn't turn out that way! It was really frustrating having the boxes there glaring at me, teasing me with their contents! Every magazine article I saw, every inspiration I had had to be ignored. It was torture.

But that was then and this is now! Here I am, internet set up, blog being written and crafting resumed.

I have missed my Design Team duties for a few weeks now but rest assured I will be doing my usual blogs for Creative Expressions on a Monday and the Friday Feature for Visible Image. 

I have to say a big Thank You to both for allowing me to have such a long leave of absence and to both of you I promise I will make up for lost time.

This is not really a crafting blog today, it is more of an easing back into writing and generally touching base with you all again.

Perhaps it would be nice for you to see where I now live, do you mind if I indulge in a little show and tell?

The house is over 3 floors and my mum and dad have moved here with me. Hubby and youngest son are still back in Buckinghamshire while our son finishes school. I suppose you could say I am retired now as I don't plan to work again, but trust me there is no sitting about watching daytime TV in this house! Lots of exciting things to do but the most important thing, other than crafting, is getting the upper floor ready. This is going to be a holiday let. Keep your eyes peeled for the new web site coming as soon as the place is ready! 

I have always wanted to live by the sea so guess what? Just down the road is the beach, a lovely wide expanse of sand and shallow water. I am loving the ruralness (is that even a word?) after spending over 20 years in a large city. Thank goodness for the internet mind you, I have only just got back on-line after a 2 week wait. The City Girl in me still needs to shop!

As for the craft room, well it is still a work in progress but the essentials are out and have been used already. Making what? You will have to come back tomorrow to see...............Kim xx

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