Monday, 19 January 2015

ATC365 #19 - DRAGON

Quick dash around this morning, not a lot of crafting time so this really is a quick, one layer ATC! 

Of course the first problem was the word Mr Generator gave me, bloomin' DRAGON! Why not something simple like CAT or ROSE? Nope! DRAGON. 

OK, so the deed was done and I am sticking to my rules! I rushed to the craft room, nearly falling over one of the dogs on the way, darting past the pile of washing on the floor in the hallway, and grabbing the folder of stamps. Every new stamp I get is stamped into this folder under headings like FLOWERS, CREATURES, WORDS, BUILDINGS, with the box number that it is stored in so I can find it easily. Alas I don't have a section headed DRAGONS so I had to look in various places and found this in the ORIENTAL section. Didn't even remember I had it! It is wood mounted and I do own loads of wood mounted stamps but because they are stored "out of arms' reach" I don't tend to use them very often.

He (they are all male aren't they?) is stamped onto a piece of card which already had the regularly used Bronte Script stamp from Visible Image on it. I bleached around him and then added some doodles around the edge. Oh and a red gem for his eye. 

The more I look at him the more pleased I am with it actually. Hasty but still a good result I think.

See you tomorrow! Happy Days! Kim x

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