Thursday, 1 January 2015

My ATC365 Challenge 2015

Happy New Year to you all! 

I have been pondering recently about what I could do during 2015 in the way of an arty-farty 'once-a-day' thing but the desire to do something was easier than the 'deciding what to do' bit.

Should I use a different word to inspire me each day? How would I pick that word, what format would the piece take, should it be in the form of a book, or loose leaves, or cards, or hexagons to make a paper quilt. Oh my! Should I take a photo everyday and be inspired by that, or take a random shot of something close-up, or use a colour combination, or a song title? The ideas went on and on and on!

I finally narrowed the size down to an ATC. I know they are a little dated in format now but I really wanted something small enough to complete the required one a day.

Next was the theme or inspiration source. Sadly I couldn't come up with something myself. For one it was taking up too much time and secondly I didn't want to run the risk of influencing myself on theme choice depending on my latest fad so I opted to use an online creative word generator LINK HERE. You will have to trust me that I will be doing exactly what it says!  I don't want to generate the whole list now and so I will do the generating just before I enter the craft room; no prolonged thinking allowed on this! I want to stretch my creativity.

So today the theme is SCISSORS. 

So, there it is, my first ATC365 project. On my way from the computer to the craft room I was trying to remember what stamps I had to do this, and it was only when I opened up my stamp index that I realised I had the ideal stamp! Thanks Tim Holtz! You made my first ATC365 project a breeze! Phew!

I added a little rule that I must use a scrap of already coloured paper. I have a tendency, no, that is rubbish, I have an obsession with keeping any piece of card/paper that I have coloured and this seems like a good excuse to keep even more bits!

I am happy with the project and happy that I finally managed to come up with a plan! 1 down, 364 to go!

Spread the LOVE! x

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