Thursday, 22 January 2015

ATC365 #22 - OASIS

Had a great morning so far, bit of housework, bit of cooking, and lots of crafting! Oh and coffee, lots of strong black coffee. I was up late last night 'chatting' with my DT about new stamps! But sssshhhh! You didn't hear that from me!

Mr Generator is being kind to me again today with the word OASIS. I bought this stamp some time ago as part of a set paying reference to Australia I think. Anyway the dictionary definition of as OASIS is "a fertile spot in a desert where water is found" and so this Australian stamp works for me!

The background is the red, orange, yellow bit from a rainbow coloured piece of card I painted. Every now and then I just paint a few sheets of card in rainbow stripes using Brusho paints as they come in handy for all sorts of projects. I love getting the colours to blend together seamlessly. (Just so you know I am NOT being sponsored by Brush, I just love using them!)

This ATC was simply made using the stamp and black embossing powder. I soaked away colour in certain places using plain water. The sun was just swirls of water blotted away. The banner is attached with waxed cord.

Lovely hot picture on another grey day.

Happy days! Kim xx

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