Thursday, 13 June 2013

A Happy Accident

Sometimes when you least expect it something goes horribly wrong and you are almost brought to tears.  This is how I felt a few days ago while trying to produce a card for the birthday of a special friend.  Things just weren't going right and I got a little bit edgy.  


The water pot spilled over onto the paper, everything ran and I was left with what looked like a muddy puddle.  I mopped up the spill, put away the inks, turned the light out and left the room. I vowed never to go back in there again.

Today, 3 days later I sneaked in, trying not to look at the mess. But I didn't see a mess.  I saw a sheet of water colour card all purple and hazy, all lovely and soft, with a 'shepherds delight' sunset cloud feel.

I immediately sat down and started work.  I had been inspired again. 

Serendipity Rules

And the resulting card is pretty good actually. What do you think?  Sometimes these accidents are merely arts' way of telling us which direction 'it' wants us to go in.

I am including this in Sunday Stamper #261 - Purple Haze.  See all the other entries HERE.

As always, please leave a comment if you do visit.  It's nice to hear from you all.

Take care fellow crafters.

Kim xx


  1. wow, tis lush... just goes to show there really are no mistakes in art! Thanks for joining in with the Sunday Stamper x

  2. Gorgeous card Kim, I love the morphing colours, and the feathers are the perfect touch. Hugs P xxx