Monday, 24 June 2013

The Grand Tidy Up + ReVamp

Today is a GOOD DAY.  I have finished my tidy up of the Craft Room and can now see the desk top.  Brilliant.  The 'Before' picture was taken about 2 years ago when I had less stuff, so imagine what it was like 2 years later with more stuff and less space?


And the 'After' picture was taken a mere 24 hours ago.  I wonder how long it will be before the desk top is once again hidden?


Comparing the 2 shots the noticeable difference (other than the free space) is an increase in the number of CD case. I store my unmounted stamps in the CD cases, the clear stamps (polymer type) are in two layers and the rubber ones are in a single layer due to the Kling Mount on them.  As you can see there are a lot - 210 cases to be exact.  My wooden mounted stamps are in the A4 boxes numbered 101 - 118 again these are in a double layer. These haven't increased much because I have found the polymer/clear stamps and the unmounted rubber stamps much easier to work with.  It's the old hands you know, I find it hard to press the larger stamps down firmly enough. The dilemma I have is do I take my favourite rubber stamps off their wooden mounting? 

And so onto some actual crafting.  Many years ago when I first started making cards there was very little in the way of crafting materials readily available on the high street and t'internet was still rare in the home (can you imagine that? No internet?).  Anyway, I used all sorts of things to make my cards, recycling fancy wrapping paper, using old packaging materials and of course the standard card size was C6 because that was about the only size envelope you could buy.

While I was doing my tidy-up over the weekend I found some old cards and decided to bring them bang up to date with a little make-over.

I had a 'thing' for beads and wire at the time. I had also tried my hand at making my own paper.  The results were very rustic but I liked them. So today, after some careful cutting, stamping and remounting onto a more contemporary card shape here is what I have ended up with.

A New Look
I started the upgrade by distressing the edges using Tim Holtz Vintage Photo. I then stamped the splats using Visible Image stamps in the same colour as the square of mulberry paper. I added a word stamped in the same colour on a little die cut tab and attached it with brads.  The original piece already had the raffia bow which is how I had attached it to the card originally.

In Green

In Blue

As usual I forgot to take a snap of the 'old' cards.  I really must get into the habit of doing that with my remodeling work.


I found a couple of 'before' cards lurking in the bottom of the box.

Ooooh How Naked they Look.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my journey?  I will be back very soon with more of my work, old, new and recycled.

If you visit this page then please be kind enough to leave me a comment. Thank you.

Much love Kim xxx


  1. Good stuff Kim.
    I started with a corner of the dining room, now 'it's' taken over the house!

  2. Well done for recycling your cards, Kim - they're great!
    Diane x